Two Big Milla Jovovich Hits Just Arrived On Netflix

Milla Jovovich has two big movies on Netflix.

By Rick Gonzales | Published

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Two names are synonymous when it comes to the Resident Evil movie franchise. Milla Jovovich and her husband Paul W.S. Anderson. Both have been with the entire franchise since its inception in 2002 and now two of the hit movies in the series are now available to stream on Netflix.

Resident Evil: Extinction is the third movie in the series following Resident Evil and Resident Evil: Apocalypse. This time, we find our hero Alice (Milla Jovovich) leading a group of Raccoon City survivors across the Mojave Desert as they try to get to Alaska and escape the zombie apocalypse.

When we first see Milla Jovovich’s Alice, she is wandering the halls of an eerie mansion. During this trek, she is forced to escape traps while using her newfound telekinetic powers to kill a security guard. This isn’t enough, though, as Alice eventually succumbs to a mine hidden in the floor. We then see Alice’s body dumped into a pit with numerous other dead Alice’s. Seems the Umbrella Corporation continues to fail with their Project Alice.

milla jovovich extinction

The real Alice is wandering the desert. The contamination from Raccoon City is now worldwide and the T-virus not only has turned humans into zombies, but it has also affected global life forms. After a brief skirmish, Milla Jovovich’s Alice comes across a notebook that references an uninfected area in Alaska. She also realizes that she, as has her clones, has developed telekinesis.

While this is going on, Dr. Alexander Isaacs (Iain Glen) is on the hunt for Milla Jovovich’s Alice. He tries to convince Umbrella executives, led by CEO Albert Wesker (Jason O’Mara) that Alice’s blood will tame the infected zombies. Wesker dismisses Isaacs’ plan, telling him to continue his work with the clones instead.

A group of survivors, led by returning Carlos Oliveira (Oded Fehr) and L.J. Wade (Mike Epps) travel the country looking for more survivors and supplies. Claire Redfield is introduced here, played by series newcomer Ali Larter. While the group is searching a deserted motel, L.J. is bitten by a zombie. Knowing how things will end for him, he decides not to tell the group he’s been bitten.


The next morning, the group is attacked by infected crows. With things going from bad to worse, Milla Jovovich’s Alice appears from nowhere to take out the hoard of crows with her telekinesis, though the use of it causes her to pass out. Upon waking, she meets Claire. Alice shares information from the notebook, convincing Claire to take the remaining survivors to Alaska.

Dr. Isaacs has created a new zombie breed. He has also been able to track down Milla Jovovich’s Alice from her use of her telekinetic powers. He sends his new breed of zombies after her and the convoy. Most of the convoy is killed. L.J. doesn’t survive his bite and during the battle, he bites Carlos. So is Isaacs.

All trails lead back to Umbrella as Alice aims to end their reign. When Isaacs injects himself with a massive dose of anti-virus, he is turned into Tyrant. The showdown fans have waited for finally happens. After Alice does away with Tyrant, she faces the same fate. Of course, she can’t as three years later, Milla Jovovich and Anderson were back with the fourth movie in the franchise, Resident Evil: Afterlife.

milla jovovich afterlife

Afterlife saw Anderson return not only as the writer of the film but back into the director’s chair. Previously he had taken that role with the first Resident Evil but gave up those duties for Resident Evil: Apocalypse to Alexander Witt and Resident Evil: Extinction to Russell Mulcahy. Taking over again as director, Anderson also remained in that position for the final three entries of the franchise.

Resident Evil: Afterlife is a direct sequel to Extinction. Milla Jovovich returns to her throne as Alice. The movie also sees the return of Ali Later as Claire while introducing a whole slate of new characters to include Wentworth Miller as Claire’s brother Chris.

Afterlife takes place about a year after the events of Extinction. Alice arrives in Tokyo with her clones in an attempt to take out the Umbrella Corporation and Albert Wesker. They do, except for Wesker, who escapes. As Alice tracks him down, he injects her with the anti-virus to take away her superhuman abilities. He has also given himself superhuman powers by injecting himself with the T-virus. He is about to kill her when the plane they are on crashes. Only Alice survives.

resident evil afterlife

Six months later Alice is in Alaska trying to locate the survivors that include Claire. When she finds them, she finds Claire in attack mode with a spider-like device attached to her chest. Alice is able to destroy it and bring Claire back.

Alice and Claire head to Los Angeles where in the ruins they find survivors holed up in a prison surrounded by the zombies. During the flight to L.A., Alice learned of a safe haven called Arcadia, which is now their goal. At the prison, they meet up with a group of survivors, one being Claire’s brother Chris.

The group fights their way across the desolate Los Angeles to find Arcadia. As they reach it (it is a cargo tanker traveling along the coast), Claire finally remembers that Arcadia is actually an Umbrella trap set to lure in test subjects. Inside, a blood trail leads Alice to Wesker, who actually survived the plane crash.


Who survives the final battle? One person we know for sure since there are a couple of movies in the series that follows is Alice. Stick through to the mid-credits scene and another surprise awaits for those who have followed the series from the first movie.

Over its six-movie lifespan, the Resident Evil films have brought in over $1.2 billion at the box office. Not bad for a movie franchise loosely based on the popular video game franchise. Anderson wrote each movie in the series while directing four of the six, and Milla Jovovich stars in them all. Resident Evil: Extinction brought in the fourth most money in the franchise while Resident Evil: Afterlife brought in the second most.

None of the Milla Jovovich movies in the franchise were critical darlings. The highest-rated movie, via Rotten Tomatoes, is Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, which sits at a 37% favorable rating. Good thing fans don’t give much credence to critics.

Milla Jovovich Resident Evil

If you like your movies with a lot of action, a lot of gore, and the actress Milla Jovovich, check out Resident Evil: Extinction and Resident Evil: Afterlife on Netflix. If you’re a newcomer to the series, you may want to watch the first two movies in the series before jumping into Extinction.