Mila Kunis Joining Fantastic Four As Sue Storm?

Mila Kunis was spotted out having coffee with Matt Shakman, director of the MCU's Fantastic Four film.

By Jonathan Klotz | Published

mila kunis

The Fantastic Four have had a rough time in making it to the big screen. From a horrible film in 1994 made just to retain the license, to 2015’s version directed by Josh Trank, Marvel’s First Family of Superheroes have starred in exactly one decent film. That is likely to change soon now that Marvel themselves are back in charge of the license, and a rumor today that Mila Kunis is being looked at as Susan Storm is so good we now want it to happen.

In the tweet, that is indeed Mila Kunis sitting down with Matt Shakman, the man given the monumental task of directing the first Fantastic Four film in the MCU. The Bad Moms star wasn’t on the radar as a potential Mrs. Richards (or Ms. Storm depending on her relationship to Reed Richards at the time of the film), but now it sounds like a fantastic start to the cast. We even had an AI create a few mock-ups of what Kunis would look like as the team’s most powerful member:

Mila Kunis has gone blonde before and the veteran actress can easily pull off Sue’s classic attitude as the only one that keeps Reed Richards on task. In our AI photos, there’s even hints of the different uniforms worn throughout the team’s history, though hopefully Marvel never brings back her 90’s look. Rumors have been flying about a potential Fantastic Four film ever since Disney bought Fox, and especially after John Krasinki played a Reed Richards variant in Dr. Strange and the Multiverse of Madness.

Initial fan casting had Krasinski’s real-life wife, Emily Blunt, as Susan Storm, which would also be fantastic but has been denied both sides of the power couple. Unlike Blunt, Mila Kunis hasn’t done many action films, with only Jupiter Ascending and The Spy Who Dumped Me as her only two. That being said, the actress can nail any dramatic or comedic role put in front of her, and in the MCU, most roles require a good amount of both.

Other rumors surrounding The Fantastic Four included Dev Patel as Reed Richards, with Glenn Howerton from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia as a popular fan choice. Adam Driver was mentioned as a potential Dr. Richards or even Dr. Doom, both of which would be great fits for the real-life Marine. Matt Shakman has publicly denied all of these rumors, though his clandestine meeting with Mila Kunis came about after his blanket denial.

Going by our AI artwork and Mila Kunis’ incredible body of work, the Family Guy star joining the MCU would be a fantastic addition. Now that Luckiest Girl Alive is out on Netflix, Kunis has no public projects on her schedule (according to IMDB), which would hopefully help The Fantastic Four make its 2025 release date. We don’t know yet which four stars will be able to play Marvel’s greatest explorers, but the casting so far in the MCU has been amazing, so we’ll keep the faith.