Mike Colter Returning As Luke Cage In The Marvel Universe?

Luke Cage might be heading over to Disney+ and that could mean Mike Colter reprising the role in a totally new universe for Marvel.

By Doug Norrie | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

mike colter luke cage

Mike Colter was the first actor to bring Luke Cage to the screen and even though his show is no longer on the air, it looks like he could stick as the character going forward. With the Marvel Cinematic Universe continuing to expand and also bringing in other properties, they do seem to want to maintain consistency from previous iterations. And that’s been the case with the other Marvel characters coming over from Netflix. Now it looks like Kevin Feige wants Colter to stay on as the character in the MCU. 

There are no current plans to reboot a Luke Cage show or any of the other Netflix shows either with this move over to Marvel. But that hasn’t stopped the studio from wanting to bring that group fully into the fold with their new string of shows, Mike Colter included. From this report, it appears that Luke Cage’s character is going to be integral especially in the upcoming Moon Knight series. With that being the case, and Feige wanting Colter to carry on with the role, the buck might just stop there. 

There have been some rumors that Mike Colter as Luke Cage might even come into direct conflict with Moon Knight in the Disney+ series in some way. We might be looking at something like an anti-hero status for Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight which is why the two could come at odds. Or we might see a continued shift in character alignments as we enter this Phase Four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There are a lot of ways this could go. Disney has been rumored to want to bring in some of the known characters from that Defenders group, but doesn’t feel beholden to keeping their history intact. 

mike colter luke cage

Luke Cage lasted for two seasons on Netflix though the character had appearances on other shows in that universe. Mike Colter actually made his character’s debut when he became involved with Jessica Jones on that show. When Luke Cage went solo, the show earned rave reviews from critics with the first two seasons averaging 88% on Rotten Tomatoes. Mike Colter played the role in such a fantastic fashion, understated yet domineering. And he also brought a softness to such a strong character. Though the show apparently failed to develop a core audience it wasn’t the fault of the lead. 

And it’s already being reported that Mike Colter isn’t going to be the only one from the Netflix group to make their way over to Marvel on Disney+. It looks like Krysten Ritter will be reprising her Jessica Jones character and Charlie Cox is going to play Daredevil again as well. The latter has a bit more news attached to his involvement with speculation that he’ll be part of She-Hulk and could even have miniseries devoted to the character. 

Mike Colter entering this Phase Four for Marvel would be fantastic and a way to showcase Luke Cage that never really happened on Netflix. And maybe we see even more edge to the character which is why he’s at odds with other heroes in the universe.