Michael Keaton’s Batman Suit Has a New Look In The Flash Photo

Check out the new look Michael Keaton will sport when he dons the Batman suit in The Flash. There have been some changes over the decades

By Doug Norrie | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

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Those who’ve been waiting for the DC Extended Universe to really kick things up a notch with its characters and franchise expansion won’t have long to wait. There are so many projects in the works these days that will both introduce new faces while also offering throwbacks to the DC days of movie yore. One of those inclusions will be Michael Keaton reprising his role of Bruce Wayne/ Batman in the upcoming The Flash movie. By the time we see him in the cape and cowl, it will have been more than three decades since his last time in the suit. But we were treated to some updates we will see for Michael Keaton’s character when the first look at the Batman suit was revealed on Sunday. It looks like there have been some changes. 

The Flash director Andy Muschetti shared a picture on his Instagram feed of the Bat-suit with the Flash logo imposed over it. While obviously meant to draw a certain amount of excitement and fervor towards the upcoming project, there are also some noticeable differences in this Batman emblem from the last time we saw Michael Keaton in the role. Could he have gone through some updates in his time since we last saw him in the early 90s? It would make a lot of sense. 

For starters, the original Michael Keaton Batman suit had a bright yellow accent around the bat emblem. That looks like it has been removed in favor of just a single color scheme more in line with what we saw recently in the Dark Knight trilogy. But unlike that version, the emblem is still more pronounced, clearly paying homage to the original movie version of the suit. They’ve just updated it and made it more streamlined. It never really made sense, for a ninja hiding in the darkness to have a yellow bullseye for enemies to take aim at. It also looks like this new Michael Keaton suit will feature considerably more armor and also the emblem has taken a more circular shape, rather than the elongated oval we saw in the original movies. Check out the difference by comparison:

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There have been more and more details coming out about how Michael Keaton will factor into The Flash and how he and Ezra Miller’s character will cross paths. We know that DC is employing its own version of the Multiverse with The Flash speeding into different dimensions. Obviously, this is a much older version of Michael Keaton’s Batman, an aged crimefighter who might not even get into the suit all that much. But he is going to stick around in the universe with a Giant Freakin Robot exclusive having it that there is a solo movie in the works and that he has signed a multi-project deal that will land his Bruce Wayne/ Batman in other shows and movies for DC. Those will include Batgirl as well as an upcoming Nightwing project and an adaptation of Batman Beyond. 

With this universe continuing to grow, it’s awesome to see the DC folks leaning into their past as well. Considering that Michael Keaton as Batman was one of the first true comic book movie adaptations that leaned into the darker nature of the character, it is an homage to those who came before. And we also know that in the comics, there is a crimefighting life for Bruce Wayne even as an older man. The dude has more than a few tricks up his bat-sleeve and we are sure to see them moving forward in the DC Extended Universe.