Melissa McCarthy Returns To Comedy In The Trailer For God’s Favorite Idiot

She's back to the funny!

By Britta DeVore | Published

melissa mccarthy

Melissa McCarthy is back babyyyy. And she’s joining a crack cast of Hollywood’s top actors in a new workplace comedy meets silly religious experience titled God’s Favorite Idiot. She’ll star alongside her real-life hubby, Ben Falcone, in the production which has recently dropped its trailer. The series follows Clark Thompson (Falcone), a tech support employee who’s just going through the motions. Upon taking on a bizarre glow, Clark realizes that maybe he’s not just a boring tech dude – maybe, just maybe, God has bigger plans for him. 

In the trailer, we see the zippy return of Melissa McCarthy via an electric wheelchair. Decked out in some wacky mismatching patterns, her character, Amily, rushes into work to tell her coworkers that she saw something bizarre the night before. It’s then that we’re transported to the previous evening just in time to see the heavens open above Clark’s head before he’s hit with a shocking bolt of lightning. Amily reveals to her coworkers that she went to dinner with a glowing Clark and also gives them TMI about her recent drug usage.

Amily wasn’t the only one to see Clark’s new look. A nationwide frenzy erupts with everyone rushing to check out the glowing guy. A soft spoken man who loves his cats, the newly found celebrity aspect of his life is more than a little bit overwhelming. To deliver the news that Clark is God’s newest chosen one, an angel played by none other than Melissa McCarthy’s ex-screen mate on The Gilmore Girls, Yanic Truesdale, appears. As the trailer plays out, Clark needs to step up to the forces of darkness, which include the four horse-people of the apocalypse, and Satan herself (Leslie Bibb). 

Filling out the remainder of the cast will be Kevin Dunn, Usman Ally, Steve Mallory, Chris Sandiford, and Ana Scotney. God’s Favorite Idiot is produced by Ben Falcone and Melissa McCarthy who had cameras rolling for the series in Australia last year. For an unknown reason, production was halted about halfway through, leaving only eight of the 16 episodes to be made, although the other half may be on the way. Zapping onto Netflix June 15, the series was directed by MADtv’s Michael McDonald. With McDonald as director and the comedic geniuses that are Ben Falcone and Melissa McCarthy in the starring roles, we know we’re in for a barrel full of laughs. 

Last year, Melissa McCarthy starred opposite Octavia Spencer in a Netflix original titled, Thunder Force. Directed by Falcone, the film saw Spencer and McCarthy’s characters as childhood best friends reuniting after years of being away from one another. When one invents a serum that gives regular people superpowers, the two suit up to take on criminals everywhere. That comedy was also filled out by some A-list Hollywood names including Jason Bateman, Pom Klementieff, Bobby Cannavale, Melissa Leo, and Kevin Dunn. 

There’s also been some rumors swirling around that Melissa McCarthy will make an appearance in the incredibly anticipated Thor: Love and Thunder, but because nothing is official, we can’t confirm that speculation! Luckily for her fans, it won’t be long until she’s cracking us up as the right hand of God’s newest chosen one in God’s Favorite Idiot. Check out the trailer above.