Megan Fox Revolts Against Hollywood Halloween Costume Rules, See Her Post That’s Causing Drama

By Chris Snellgrove | Published

Megan Fox just can’t seem to win when it comes to Hollywood. After making a big splash in the early Transformers films and the criminally underrated Jennifer’s Body, she seemed to lose her A-lister status as quickly as she gained it. Page Six reports she is now under fire for an Instagram post where she was dressed as Gogo Yubari from Kill Bill, breaking SAG-AFTRA “guidelines banning actors from dressing up as characters from struck TV shows and movies and posting the photos.”

If you haven’t been closely following the ongoing actors’ strike, you might not realize why Megan Fox’s outfit is causing such a stir. In short, the labor union has told its members to avoid promoting any struck work, and this has had a ripple effect where, for example, stars attending fan conventions are unable to talk about the roles that made them famous. Now, these rules have extended to Halloween, with SAG-AFTRA telling its members to avoid even dressing as characters from struck work because these costumes could be considered promotional in nature.

In violation of SAG-AFTRA guidelines, Megan Fox dresses as a Kill Bill character for Halloween and posts the images to Instagram.

Regardless of Fox’s intent, however, her violation of SAG-AFTRA guidelines set off an internet firestorm among many of her fellow actors.

For example, Abbott Elementary star Lisa Anne Walter went after Megan Fox in her own Instagram post, sarcastically writing “What a rebel,” following that up with “Keep posturing for stupid s–t, pretty lady. Meanwhile we’ll be working 10 hours a day–unpaid–to get basic contract earners a fair deal.”

Not every celeb feels the same way about Megan Fox flouting the rules: Mandy Moore, for example, took to social media to ask “Is this a joke?” and scolded SAG-AFTRA by asking “This is what’s important?”

megan fox
Megan Fox in Night Teeth

In the same carousel of photos Fox shared to Instagram, you can see Modern Family’s Sarah Hyland dressed as Virginia Venit and her husband Wells Adams dressed as Adam Sandler’s Happy Gilmore character. Notably, other celebs flouting the rules don’t seem to be getting the same amount of heat that Fox is getting.

“What a rebel. Keep posturing for stupid s–t, pretty lady. Meanwhile we’ll be working 10 hours a day–unpaid–to get basic contract earners a fair deal.”

-Lisa Anne Walters online response to Megan Fox’s post

At the end of the day, all of the controversy surrounding Megan Fox’s choice of clothing at a Halloween party highlights how polarizing the online discourse surrounding the actors’ strike has become. Most people (we can only hope) want the actors to get fair wages from the Hollywood studios that rake in millions of dollars from the strength of the onscreen talent involved in productions.

But as SAG-AFTRA members begin policing Halloween costume attire and the resulting social media posts, there remains a chance the labor union will ultimately push more people away than garner support for this very important cause.