Watch Adam Sandler Stop Comedy Show To Help Audience Member

By Chris Snellgrove | Published

Adam Sandler has a fairly complex comedic legacy: he’s the actor who gave us such comedy classics as Billy Madison, but he’s also the star of Hubie Halloween, a Netflix film so bad that it should have been considered a war crime. In other words, modern audiences are often evenly split between whether they consider Adam Sandler played out or still funny as hell, but the actor ended up winning over the entire internet recently when facing a situation even tenser than Uncut Gems. Below, you can see the star stop his comedy show to help a fan suffering from a medical emergency.


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Adam Sandler stopped a show in San Jose, California when he saw an audience member having a medical emergency.

All of this went down last Wednesday when Adam Sandler was performing at the SAP Center in San Jose, California. As you can tell from the video, it’s a very large event space (the San Jose Arena Authority reports it has a maximum capacity of “18,500 for basketball, concerts, and other events”),  and you might think it would be difficult for the actor and comedian to get a good view of any one individual fan. But that’s exactly what happened when Adam Sandler saw a fan experiencing a medical crisis and stopped his set to help the incoming paramedics find where the fan was seated.

Long thought of as one of the nicest celebrities, Adam Sandler apologized to fans for pausing the show while paramedics helped the audience member.

In addition to serving as a role model for other touring comedians who might experience something similar, Adam Sandler’s actions, in this instance, served as a great reminder of how well the veteran actor knows how to handle crowds. Perhaps anticipating that some of his fans would be annoyed that he stopped his set, Sandler addressed the crowd with a polite “Let’s take a few seconds, we’ll just let these guys concentrate, alright?” and followed that message with a simple “Love y’all.” When the paramedics began to take the fan away, Adam Sandler said, “We’re all wishing you well there, youngster, feel better back there” and added, “Sorry about that.”

Adam Sandler in Uncut Gems

This was a scary moment for Sandler and his remaining fans, so after the paramedics got things sorted, Sandler got his set back on track with some positive energy: “I hope everybody’s good, everybody’s alright. We’ll get going, we’ll start the show back up, alright?” In a very classy move, Sandler encouraged the audience to offer a round of applause for the suffering fan before engaging in a bit of self-deprecating humor by saying “Alright, back to the f***in’ dumbness.”

Adam Sandler is reuniting with the directors of Uncut Gems for another dark drama.

If you’d like to catch Adam Sandler performing his comedy routine, it may not be too late to snag some tickets. Sandler kicked off his I Miss You tour last week in Vancouver, Canada, and that tour won’t wrap up until the comedian’s December performance in Denver, Colorado. Fans who would rather see Sandler perform in a movie rather than onstage are in luck: the actor recently reached a deal with Netflix to star in a (currently untitled) film directed by Uncut Gems visionaries Josh and Benny Safdie, and we’re downright excited to see what this trio does next.