Matthew Perry Death Causes Huge Streaming Surge

By Jeffrey Rapaport | Published

The sudden and tragic passing of renowned, beloved actor Matthew Perry on October 28 shook the entertainment world. Not only that, his death made a significant impact on streaming viewership patterns, as Deadline reports.

Friends Has Major Streaming Spike

In the wake of Perry’s passing, there has been a remarkable streaming uptick for Friends, the iconic series featuring the actor’s unforgettable, wisecracking character Chandler Bing. During the week of October 23 to 29, the sitcom experienced 583 million minutes of viewership.

The massive spike in streaming numbers catapulted Friends to 7th on the list of most-viewed acquired titles. For perspective, consider that the enormous surge effectively occurred within 24 hours, from October 28 (when Matthew Perry’s death was announced) to the 29th.

Friends Competition

The uptick represents the highest weekly total for Friends since January. It underscores Perry’s passing’s immense effect on fans, legions of which embraced the series to memorialize and honor the actor. 

For a broader context of streaming trends, it’s helpful to note that the acquired USA Network legal drama Suits underwent a minor dip (given its humongous viewership), registering 997 million minutes viewed, thus concluding its 18-week run surpassing the one billion minute mark of views every week.

Friends Beats Out Other Hits

friends reunion

Still, the legal drama (a cable hit, before being scooped up by Netflix, like Matthew Perry’s Friends) retained a formidable second position on Nielsen’s streaming charts.

Meanwhile, the Jennifer Lawrence-led rom-com No Hard Feelings ascended to the top slot—securing first place with just over one billion minutes viewed. 

Other notable events in the streaming world include The Fall Of The House of Usher, the Edger Allan Poe-inspired series holding onto its third-place position with 944 million minutes viewed.

Interestingly, the videogame-inspired project, Five Nights at Freddy’s manifested an impressive debut, accruing 740 million minutes within a few days of appearing on Peacock.

According to Nielsen, the horror flick Halloween Ends clocked 717 million minutes viewed in only three days (also on Peacock). Marvel fans should be happy to hear Disney+’s Loki persisted in performing well; it notched 514 million minutes viewed. 

Matthew Perry Was A Star

matthew perry

Matthew Perry is best known for portraying Chandler Bing in what many consider the greatest and most adored sitcom of all time, Friends. 

The Canadian-American actor, born in 1969, rose to fame with the sitcom, earning heaps of acclaim for his comedic timing and endearing portrayal of Chandler.

Other Career Moves

Matthew Perry Keanu Reeves

Following the conclusion of Friends, Perry appeared in several TV shows and movies, though none rivaled his earlier success (which would have been difficult).

The actor was always admirably open about his struggles with addiction and was an advocate for recovery. His TV legacy, characterized by humor and vulnerability, made Matthew Perry a beloved fixture in popular culture, inspiring audiences and elating them. 

Matthew Perry Legacy

matthew perry

These compelling shifts and trends shaping streaming viewership reflect today’s entertainment industry’s dynamic nature while highlighting the profound import of cherished talents like Perry.

His impact on audiences, beyond mere minutes streamed, is incalculable. Indeed, his legacy through Friends continues to resonate and provide joy to millions.