We’re Saved! Marvel’s Worst Idea Is Being Canceled

By Jason Collins | Published

She-Hulk canceled

MCU’s She-Hulk television series received generally favorable reviews when it was released, and the fans were generally okay with the series. It wasn’t as revolutionary as the first Iron Man movie or Deadpool, but it satiated the fandom’s desire to meet Jennifer Walters in a live-action television release. However, according to That Park Place, it would now seem that the highly-anticipated Season 2 of She-Hulk might not happen.

So, why would She-Hulk Season 2 face cancellation? Well, She-Hulk’s ratings were a bit pumped; the critics got to see the first four episodes of the show before it officially aired, which contributed significantly to the positive reviews. On the other hand, the fandom’s opinion of the show was mediocre. So, while it did receive generally favorable reviews, the show’s reception was still too poor to maintain financial viability, especially after it was discovered that it had an insane budget—$225 million, which is a few million more than what Secret Invasion got.

She-Hulk in court on her Disney+ series

That’s approximately $25 million per single She-Hulk episode of Season 1, which actually rivals some of the more expensive episodes of Game of Thrones. Admittedly, those two releases belong to an entirely different genre, but the difference in quality is obvious and in favor of GoT. Unfortunately for She-Hulk, the pricey budget never translated into commercial success, prompting Disney to consider dumping She-Hulk Season 2 altogether due to the company’s recent budget cuts, which followed the exceptionally poor critical and commercial success of its recent releases.

The company recently stated that it’s distancing itself from theatrical releases to focus on streaming while also dropping a significant number of ongoing projects in an effort to focus more on production quality rather than production quantity. Well, it was about time, we say.

Following the massive success of the Infinity War saga, the MCU exploded with so many new releases that it became hard to follow it through. Fast approvals and content stamping brought a noticeable dip in quality, and Kevin Feige is now thinking about dropping She-Hulk Season 2.

She-Hulk twerking on her Disney+ show

The possible cancellation of She-Hulk Season 2 poses some interesting questions. She-Hulk is also a fourth-wall breaker, perhaps bigger than Deadpool, and she’s generally a well-liked character in the comics. Pulling the plug on the series means that the character is taking a back seat, only to appear as an occasional cameo appearance in future MCU films—we’d still like for that to happen. After all, Feige did say that the character would cross over to the MCU.

Please note that we’re discussing insider information. Lacking an official announcement from Disney/MCU, it’s best to ingest this info with a grain of salt. Considering the show’s poor performance, pulling the plug on She-Hulk Season 2 isn’t really outside the realm of possibilities, but the same applies to actually producing and releasing a new season. Ultimately, both She-Hulk and Moon Knight were designed with the possibility of cancellation in mind—the latter, however, might receive Season 2.

So, while She-Hulk Season 2 could face cancellation, and it most likely will, the character is more than likely to make an appearance in any of the upcoming MCU releases.