Margot Robbie Getting An R-Rated Harley Quinn Series?

Margot Robbie could be getting an R-rated Harley Quinn project in the future.

By Faith McKay | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Margot Robbie shines as Harley Quinn. Even with the disappointing box office numbers for Birds of Prey in early 2020, her portrayal of the character remains a popular staple in the DC Extended Universe. This leaves everyone wondering what will be next for the character. One possible rumor being floated by insider Daniel Richtman on his Patreon is that Margot Robbie is interested in seeing an R-rated Harley Quinn series on HBO Max. 

This latest Harley Quinn rumor combines some of the great ones we’ve been seeing lately. The very mature Harley Quinn cartoon series has been doing well with audiences. While Birds of Prey seems unlikely to get a sequel after its box office showing, it does seem likely we’ll see Margot Robbie in the role again. Already, she is slated to appear in James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad. It’s been said that unlike in David Ayer’s Suicide Squad, Margot Robbie will receive top billing. And while James Gunn has been giving interviews saying he has creative license to kill any character he wants in the movie, it seems unlikely he’ll go after the beloved character. After Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn is the most popular female character in the DC Extended Universe.

The world wants to see Margot Robbie play Harleen Quinzel. And they want it enough that Birds of Prey didn’t change that. While no one seems to believe a sequel is likely, there have been recent rumors of Warner Bros. considering a new solo movie for the character. While that’s a possibility, the rumors of Margot Robbie getting a Harley Quinn TV series seem much stronger.

margot robbie harley quinn

The movie industry is a bit riskier than streaming television since the pandemic hit the industry. HBO Max recently announced that all of their 2021 titles will be released to streaming. This industry reacted unfavorably to this decision. While Margot Robbie was careful to word things diplomatically, she did convey that she wasn’t excited about the decision. She told The Hollywood Reporter, “We know there are people at Warner Bros. whom we have brilliant relationships with that are very talent-friendly and are responsible for the incredible reputation Warner Bros. has had over the past decades as the predominant talent-forward studio. We are hopeful that this will work itself out and that Warner Bros. will do right by its storytellers.” 

It’s been said in the past that despite the R-rating for Birds of Prey, Warner Bros. would like to keep Harley Quinn projects rated PG-13. David Ayer’s Suicide Squad managed to slide under a PG-13 rating. However, the cartoon series is mature and getting along well with audiences. Margot Robbie has never shied away from R-rated movies. In fact, a look through her filmography would make you think she is specifically choosing them. Many of her big hits, including Bombshell, I, Tonya, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, and The Wolf of Wall Street have received R-ratings. 

Of course, the thing that makes the Harley Quinn HBO Max series with Margot Robbie hard to believe is that she’ll find time in her schedule. Margot Robbie is a co-founder of the company LuckyChap Entertainment. She is currently signed on for James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad. She is also working on a new Barbie movie with Greta Gerwig and Noah Baumbach. Then, there is the new Pirates of the Caribbean project she is working on. Still, she seems passionate about the character and continues to take on more work. We’ll have to wait and see if an R-rated HBO Max series makes it into her future.