See Mackenzie Davis Abandon The Future In The Stunning Station Eleven Trailer

The stunning new trailer for HBO Max's Station Eleven was just released and Mackenzie Davis looks absolutely fantastic in the lead role

By Doug Norrie | Published

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Mackenzie Davis got her big career boost as a computer whiz a few years ago and her star has only been on the rise. It looks like her next project might be another major hit for the talented actress. The full trailer for HBO Max’s Station Eleven was just released and it looks both stunning and haunting. It puts Davis and others on the other side of a pandemic that killed most of the world’s population and now they are picking up the pieces. The miniseries could be the next great thing to come to the streamer. 

In the Station Eleven trailer, we are introduced to Mackenzie Davis as Kirsten, one of the survivors of the Georgia Flu that basically wiped out the breadth of human existence on Earth. The few that are left are living a comparatively primitive life with some of them holding on to vestiges of the past. They are trying to maintain something of a society when most of it has already crumbled. Mackenzie Davis as Kirsten is now part of a traveling group of performers who roam what’s left of America putting on Shakespearean plays for the little enclaves of survivors. But there is also something sinister brewing in this world. Check out the trailer for Station Eleven. 

Joining Mackenzie Davis in the cast of Station Eleven are some other notables. The story is told in triptych meaning that not all characters overlap in the same timeline. There are through lines of course that connect different stories, but not everyone will be in scenes together. Himesh Patel plays Jeevan who knew Kirsten when she was a younger girl at the onset of the pandemic. Lori Petty plays The Conductor, a member of Kirsten’s troupe of performers. Daniel Zovatto plays the mysterious Prophet who has gained a following in the aftermath of humanity’s downfall. And there is also David Wilmot as Clark who wants to remember the past. David Cross, Enrico Colantoni, and Gael Garcia Bernal will also have recurring roles.  

Mackenzie Davis and company are adapting Station Eleven from the award-winning book of the same name by Elizabeth St. John Mandel. The series was developed by Patrick Somerville who penned the first two episodes of the series and will act as showrunner. It is set to span 10 episodes in total with the first three airing at once on HBO Max on December 16th. 

As for Mackenzie Davis, she’s been taking some bigger roles of late. She got her big break as Cameron Howe on AMC’s Halt and Catch Fire about the advent of the personal computer. She’d also go on to star in Terminator: Dark Fate which was a worthy addition to that franchise. And after Station Eleven, she’s set to star in Alpha Gang with Nicholas Hoult. This next series could wind up being her best yet though with the trailer really pointing to a series that is beautiful, haunting, terrifying, and maybe, by the end, hopeful.