Lupin Set Robbed For Over $330k In Second Netflix Robbery This Week

Lupin is a show about an international thief, and ironic enough, the set of the show was recently robbed in real life. The thieves made away with $330k in goods.

By James Brizuela | Published

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lupin season 2

Sometimes irony can be served in the cruelest of ways. The production team from the show, Lupin, reported a robbery on the set of the Netflix series this week. What makes this sort of funny is what the premise of the show concerns itself with. Lupin is about a gentleman thief. Well, I guess if the writers need some more material, they can just talk about the time they were robbed in real-life. Thankfully nobody was hurt during this hold-up, apart from the pocket of Netflix, as a whopping $330,000 worth of props and equipment was taken.

While people getting robbed is certainly not funny, the irony of this story is enough to get a chuckle out of most people. Lupin is currently filming in France, and sadly this is now the second reported robbery in a week. Authorities have not revealed if both robberies are connected to one another. The other robbery took place on the set of The Crown, where thieves walked away with a reported $200,000 worth of antique props and more. The difference between both of their robberies is how they took place. The one which took place on the set of The Crown was more of a covert operation. While the cast and crew were away, the thieves ransacked trucks that had been parked, which contained all the set equipment and props. The robbery on the set of Lupin was much different. It was reported that around 20 thieves showed up and began throwing mortar fireworks as a distraction before they made off with the goods. Again, thankfully no one was hurt.

lupin season 2

Lupin was currently filming its third season and has since restarted production. This seems to be just a small bump in the road for the series. It was also reported that the items taken on both of the sets wouldn’t negatively affect the production, hence why both have continued on. Lupin is currently the second most successful Netflix series behind Squid Game. The show is led by Omar Sy, who plays a fictional thief by the name of Assane Diop. Diop is tasked with engaging in wild heists via a heist master named, Arsene Lupin. This is the first French series to hit the top ten on the streaming platform and is the second-most successful debut behind only Bridgerton. Sy is being lauded with his performance and has since been nominated for many Best Actor and Outstanding performances.

While it sounds as if Omar Sy and Lupin are enjoying massive success, Netflix may want to move the production to a new area. France and England are not necessarily close to one another, but they are also not that far either. This could have been an orchestrated attack on sets in which both sets of robbers coordinated with one another. This is speculation, but either way, a ton of money was lost. This also might be a drop in the bucket in the grand scheme of things, but still losing out on equipment and irreplaceable props is certainly something that should not be happening. Also, no one wants their lives to be threatened or in danger. Unless of course, that’s the subject of one of the episodes.