Loki Season 2 Coming Much Sooner Than Expected

Good news Loki fans!

By Michileen Martin | Published

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loki season 2 Tom Hiddleston

We’ve got good news for any and all fans of the continuing adventures of the Asgardian god of mischief. Loki season 2 is coming a lot sooner than was feared. According to a new report, the Disney+ show is beginning production this summer.

The news comes from the casting site Backstage, who reports that Loki season 2 is currently casting for new roles. The site also says shooting will begin this summer at Pinewood Studios in London. There’s very few other details available, other than the expected news that the action of the series will be set “across the Marvel multiverse.”

Obviously this isn’t the best news if you were somehow expecting Tom Hiddleston to reappear as Loki in new stories next week. After all, considering everything including the demanding amount of post production work on a series like Loki, if shooting begins this summer, then that likely means we can’t expect Loki season 2 to stream until 2023. But for context you have to understand that the last time any official word came from Marvel about when we would see Loki season 2, things sounded potentially a lot worse.

Last August, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige said that he wasn’t sure exactly when production on Loki season 2 would begin. He gave the unbearably broad time range of “between next year and the year after” for the start of shooting. So while, yes, a summer 2022 production start means we won’t get more Loki until 2023, if shooting began on the other end of Feige’s projection, we’d be waiting until 2024 instead.

loki season 2
Owen Wilson and Tom Hiddleston in Loki

As for what we should expect from Loki season 2, there are signs that we’ll get to know Owen Wilson’s Mobius a little bit better. Season 1’s director, Kate Herron, said there were initially plans to give fans a more comprehensive backstory for the TVA agent. Since the first season reveals everyone working at the TVA is a variant, there has been speculation that Mobius is a variant of Loki or perhaps even of Tony Stark. Not to mention that everyone’s dying to know what’s up with the character’s fascination with jet skis.

Considering the popularity of the multiverse we’ve seen in reactions to not only Loki but What If…? and Spider-Man: No Way Home, we’re likely to see more corners of the multiverse and meet more variants beside those working for the TVA in Loki season 2. Fans will likely be hoping for the return of at least some of the variant Lokis we meet toward the end of season 1, including the completely unexpected Alligator Loki. Speaking of animal variants, we don’t think anyone would object to seeing more of Throg — the frog Thor variant who makes the briefest of cameos in season 1. Perhaps Loki could even take a page from No Way Home‘s playbook and cast Eric Allan Kramer as the version of Thor he played in the 1988 TV movie The Incredible Hulk Returns.

Thor Incredible Hulk Returns
Eric Allan Kramer as Thor in The Incredible Hulk Returns (1988)

Sadly the one thing we definitely know about Loki season 2’s story is that at least one storyteller from season 1 won’t be there. Kate Herron, the director of the inaugural season, told Deadline last July that she was leaving the series. There’s no word yet on who’s stepping in to fill her shoes.

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