See Leslie Grace For The First Time As Batgirl

It's our first chance to see Leslie Grace in the full Batgirl outfit and it all looks very cool. It appears they are keeping it very comic accurate

By Doug Norrie | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

leslie grace batgirl

The DC Extended Universe is set to bring all kinds of new characters to the big screen in the coming years, many of whom we’ve been waiting for a while to see in this world. One of those is going to be Leslie Grace as Batgirl who will get a solo film around the character. And now we are getting our first chance to really see the full character and what she will look like on the big screen. The In the Heights actress shared the first look on her Instagram account and man does it look awesome. 

The first look from Leslie Grace comes as the filming for the movie is well underway with little tidbits starting to come out around the production. The styling is completely in line with the traditional comic book character, updated a bit for more modern times, with the purple and yellow coloring really standing out. Check out what Leslie Grace posted in the first look at her as the character. 

And to go with the new look, Leslie Grace also delivered a couple of lines from Batgirl: Year One, a series of stories that came out a couple of decades ago. It’s a striking but somewhat silly line that could mean a more playful version of the character, especially when she ends it wanting to “kick their butts”. And it does lend credence to the idea that this will very much be part of an origin story for the character. The comic book story follows Barbara Gordon as she gets out of college with hopes of joining the Gotham City police force only to have it derailed. It’s then that she turns to the cape and cowl as a means to fight crime. 

And part of this story with Leslie Grace in the lead will likely involve her relationship with the character’s father, Jim Gordon. J.K. Simmons is back to reprise his role as the police commissioner, after appearing in the Justice League timeline. This would have it appear as the story happens in the same timeline as the Zack Snyder movies, though that’s not a certainty. That’s because it could get a bit confusing because Michael Keaton is set to reprise his role of Batman/ Bruce Wayne in this one, which would have things maybe in a different timeline. We know that Ben Affleck is wrapping up his time as Batman in the events of The Flash. 

In addition to Leslie Grace, JK Simmons, and Michael Keaton, we also know the main villain in the movie as well. That’s going to be Brendan Fraser playing pyromaniac Firefly. And we’ve already seen some of the character on set with a couple of early looks at his very creepy appearance. Plus, there might be a Court of Owls appearance as well, the cabal of wealthy Gothamites who’ve been operating in the city’s shadows for centuries. In all, it’s lining up to be a very cool movie and the first look at Leslie Grace as the character was worth the wait.