See Leonardo DiCaprio And Jennifer Lawrence Try To Save Us From A Comet In The Don’t Look Up Trailer

Watch the brand new teaser trailer for Don't Look Up starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence.

By Apeksha Bagchi | Updated

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Netflix’s upcoming slate of releases for the remaining months of 2021 is so promising that it is hard to focus our excitement on only one. But the difficulty has finally been solved for us as the recently released teaser of the Adam McKay-directed Don’t Look Up, starring Jennifer Lawrence, Leonardo DiCaprio, and a long line of more amazing actors, has just pitched the comedy film to the top highly-anticipated yet to be released films this year! And oh, we finally have a release date as well!

Compared to a previously leaked teaser, the first official teaser trailer of Don’t Look Up adds more hilarious scenes from the upcoming Netflix film. As a shocked Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence internally question the ethics of the President, Meryl Steep’s character highlights that this is not the first “world is ending” discussion they have had and as her son says, the repetition has become “so boring.” We also catch glimpses of Ariana Grande and Scott Mescudi’s characters.

The storyline of Don’t Look Up will see Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio playing the characters of two low-level astronomers Kate Dibiasky and Dr. Randall Mindy who end up making the biggest discovery of all time- Earth is in peril as a massive comet is headed towards the planet at top speed and it can be the end of life as we know it if urgent steps are not taken to counter it. So, in an attempt to make the right people take the needed steps, the duo embarks on a giant media tour, feature on talk shows, and holds aimless discussions with politicians who couldn’t care less about the world ending.  

A small 27-second long teaser was leaked last month wherein we saw Leonardo DiCaprio’s Randall trying to breathe through a big panic attack in the washroom — presumably freaking out about meeting up with the President of the United States of America (Meryl Steep) and her son, Jason Orlean (Jonah Hill) in the Oval Office. Along with Jennifer Lawrence’s Kate, he tries to make the mother-son duo understand the need to take steps now before it is too late to save anyone. But all Hill’s character is concerned about is that Randall’s “breathing is stressing me out, dude.” 

The star-studded cast for the Netflix film includes Jennifer Lawrence as Kate Dibiasky, Cate Blanchett as Brie Evantee, Meryl Streep as President Janie Orlean, Jonah Hill as Jason Orlean, Chris Evans as Peter Isherwell, Paul Guilfoyle as General Themes, Rob Morgan as Dr. Clayton “Teddy” Oglethorpe, Leonardo DiCaprio as Dr. Randall Mindy, Tomer Sisley as Adul Grelio, Tyler Perry as Jack Bremmer, Scott Mescudi as DJ Chello, Matthew Perry as Dan Pawketty, Melanie Lynskey as June, Ron Perlman as Colonel Ben Drask, Timothée Chalamet as Quentin, Michael Chiklis as Dan Pawketty, Ariana Grande as Riley Bina, and Himesh Patel as Phillip. Gina Gershon and Mark Rylance have been cast in undisclosed roles. The teaser reveals that the film is scheduled to debut on the streamer this December 24, which means we will soon be getting a full-fledged trailer of the madcap ride Don’t Look Up is going to be!