Leonardo DiCaprio Movie Under Fire After Homeless Controversy

By April Ryder | Updated

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Leonardo DiCaprio’s newest film shoot recently displaced a small homeless community in Sacramento. After being given “Attention to Vacate” notices on their tents, around half a dozen people were forced to leave the area. The push to vacate came within 24 hours after the notices were posted. 

Sparking Outrage

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The way the homeless people were treated has sparked outrage, even in areas that are far removed from the city of Sacramento. The new Leonardo DiCaprio movie, which has a working title of BC Project, was set to be shot in the area where the homeless community resided. 

Now, moving homeless people is something that happens often, but this instance was a bit more brutal than most. Though Leonardo DiCaprio was not there personally, the mistreatment of these people highlights the gaping distance between the rich and the poor in our country. 

Hollow Promises?

According to the people who occupied that space, the city came in and made them vacate the area just hours before a huge storm was predicted to hit Sacramento.

They were promised a space at one of the local homeless shelters, which also proved to be a hollow promise.

This was so Leonardo DiCaprio and Sean Penn could have the block for a while. 

Publicly Critical

Crystal Sanchez, the president of the Sacramento Homeless Union publicly criticized the city for failing to properly prepare for the removal.

“It is asinine in the midst of an atmospheric storm, against federal laws and protections unhoused people are being moved and placed in greater danger for Hollywood to roll footage in Sacramento,” Sanchez said.

Needed Better Planning?

The city could have given the situation a little more foresight and should not have given the permit to displace the individuals living in that space without proper planning for their well-being.

Leonardo DiCaprio likely had nothing to do with this instance at all, but his name being tied to the matter may help boost awareness. 

The city is well aware of the homeless crisis in Sacramento, but that may be just the reason why this particular instance was handled so poorly. Is the homeless crisis in Sacramento so out of control that officials now turn a blind eye to the human element of the problem?

No Word From Leonardo DiCaprio

There’s no word on whether or not Leonardo DiCaprio will comment concerning the removal of the Sacramento homeless community, but his new movie project seems to be moving along as planned. 

The movie in the making is only known as BC Project for now. Leonardo DiCaprio, Sean Penn, and Regina Hall have all been verified as cast members for the new film. The plot line of the movie has remained a secret, but we do know that Paul Thomas Anthony is directing. 

Excitement For The New Movie

Despite the uproar being stirred by the city’s poor management of the removal of the homeless for filming, Jennifer West (head of Sacramento Film) publicly expressed joy for the new film project in a recent blog post. 

“We are thrilled to have these creative projects come to life in Sacramento … We appreciate your cooperation and support as we showcase the beauty and vitality of Sacramento through these cinematic endeavors.”

Source: Radar Online