Adam Sandler Breaks Netflix Record With New Movie

By Jeffrey Rapaport | Published

Adam Sandler

If you needed concrete, empirical evidence to confirm that Adam Sandler is a popular and much-beloved actor, here’s the proof: according to Deadline, the actor’s new movie, Leo, debuted at the top of the English-language films list on Netflix. It amassed a staggering 34.6 million views. This figure means the film is both the most-binged title of the week and the largest debut ever for a Netflix animated film. 

Leo Breaks Netflix Record

If anything, the achievement cements Sandler’s weighty presence on streaming, in this current content generation. Leo’s numbers are evidence of the continuing appeal of Adam Sandler’s work, which consistently draws large audiences on Netflix.  

It’s a record-breaking milestone amidst a competitive period for Netflix, where many popular titles are vying for viewership. The projects vary widely—for instance, Squid Game: The Challenge, a reality show series based (you guessed it) on the overwhelmingly popular Korean series, recently debuted at No. 1 among the streaming website’s English-language titles. It accrued 20.1 million views. What’s more, and as to be expected, the boost in viewership in the Squid Game franchise funneled streamers back to the original series, which enjoyed renewed interest. 

The Crown Couldn’t Beat Adam Sandler

Other titles attempting to box out Adam Sandler’s animated film and the (thankfully nonviolent) Squid Game reality show include Part 1 of Season Six of The Crown. Depicting the British Royal Family during the 1990s, the series’ latest installment garnered nearly nine million views. Similarly—though receiving lower numbers—All The Light We Cannot See retained a strong presence, with around three million views. New contenders such as Scott Pilgrim Takes Off and the stand-up comedy special Mike Birbiglia: The Old Man and the Pool put considerable numbers on the scoreboard, too. 

The Killer Holds Steady

David Fincher’s dark, moody thriller starring Michael Fassbender, The Killer, held onto its spot on the upper reaches of Netflix’s film list for the third week in a row, receiving almost nine million views, despite the massive debut of Adam Sandler’s Leo. And, for better or worse, the holiday spirit enters the fray, manifested in titles like Best.Christmas.Ever!, The Christmas Chronicles” and Falling for Christmas—all of which commanded considerable swaths of viewership. 

Adam Sandler’s Netflix Deal

adam sandler

The partnership between “The Sandman” and Netflix has been fruitful, characterized by a prolific output of projects connecting with broad audiences. His family-friendly film (actually starring his two daughters), You Are So Not Invited To My Bat Mitzvah, won wide viewership and critical acclaim. On a similar note—while it was not a Netflix original—Adam Sandler’s work with the writer-director partnership/siblings, the Safdie brothers, Uncut Gems, remains popular. Other titles, such as the Murder Mystery series co-starring Jennifer Aniston and the witty, critically acclaimed The Meyerowitz Stories, help explain Adam Sandler’s popularity on the streaming platform. 

The King Of Streaming?

Ultimately, the fact that Leo, an animated movie intended for children, set a new record on Netflix underscores Sandler’s influential role in the streaming era. His knack for commanding vast audiences consistently demonstrates an enduring appeal and effectiveness. While other actors and filmmakers from his generation understandably wind down their careers, Adam Sandler seems poised for further hits.