Legends of Tomorrow Showrunner Promises Show Will Be Better Without Dominic Purcell

Legends of Tomorrow is moving on without Heatwave.

By Annie Banks | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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It doesn’t come as a surprise that another star of Legends of Tomorrow has departed from the series. In fact, the cast has been almost entirely reconstructed since its origination seven years ago. Dominic Purcell’s decision to step away from the show strips Legends of Tomorrow of another original team member, which leaves the question open: where does the show take itself next without Mick Rory (Purcell) on the Waverider?

Legends of Tomorrow co-showrunner Keto Shimizu indulged SyFy with the details for the show’s next season post-Purcell as well as sharing how the loss of a regular cast member will shape the series as it pushes on.

I mean, I think sort of as with any exit — and we’ve had many, you know, of people from this show — you think maybe initially that there would be a big void there. That suddenly there would be, you know, it would feel like a loss. And we miss that character a lot. I mean, he was great and so beloved for us to write and for Dominic’s portrayal. Like, we absolutely loved it…. With all the departures that we’ve had on this show, the show moves on and grows from that loss, and new characters come in to sort of fill that space, and new dynamics are formed that kind of complement what was there before — but also, I think, ultimately enhance it.

Keto Shimizu, Legends of Tomorrow co-showrunner

The showrunner made note of Legends of Tomorrow moving onward as it faces new adventures that will be thrown at the team, who is currently stuck in the 1920s. There is confidence placed around an evolving team as the cast and crew navigate the plot of the show in accordance with changing cast members. Shimizu said that the changes allow the show to grow and move on past the loss and gives the opportunity for new characters to fill the gaps that are left open. She praised the new dynamics that unfold on-screen and claims that they complement what was there before.

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In rare instances, casts are recycled into their series and reincarnated into different characters. Matt Ryan, previously seen as John Constantine, will be refolded into the Legends of Tomorrow under the guise of a new role. It was previously reported that Constantine is to be reimagined for a new HBO Max series and that the casting rumors allege the studio will seek out out a person of color for the part. It’s crucial that there aren’t two different Constantines existing in what is expected to be the same universe, if not in a universe that overlaps with The CW, and so Ryan will return to Legends of Tomorrow – just not as Constantine.

Even in the wake of Purcell’s departure, Legends of Tomorrow celebrates the accomplishment of meeting its 100th episode. Wentworth Miller has been announced to reprise his role of Captain Cold for the occasion and was a founding member of the team at the very start of its origins. Purcell was the one to announce that he was to leave Legends of Tomorrow through a post on social media, thanking The CW for his time on the series and taking enormous pride in his personification of Heatwave. The caption itself is a bit disjointed in its execution and complies many final thoughts together, and Purcell concludes his thoughts by encouraging actors to reach out to him through his direct messages.

Purcell may have thanked The CW for casting him as Heatwave, but it is allegedly evident that he lacks respect for the studio. He claims that “the studio does not care” and that “the actor[‘s] work ethic and talent must give them the confidence to question authority,” backing up his statement by saying to not rely on loyalty from the studio. Purcell’s uncensored and bold farewell doesn’t hold back on Shimizu’s enthusiasm for bettering the show without him.