Matt Ryan Is No Longer Constantine On DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow

This is the last season for Constantine on Legends of Tomorrow, but actor Matt Ryan has plans for the future.

By Faith McKay | Published

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John Constantine has been a central character on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow since season three. During season six of the series, his story arc will be wrapping up and Constantine will no longer be a part of the series. But, surprisingly, that won’t be the last time fans see the actor who plays him, Matt Ryan.

During the Comic-Con@Home Sunday panel for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, it was announced that Matt Ryan will be playing a brand new character in season seven. His character will be a series regular. They even went into some detail, announcing that Matt Ryan will be playing Dr. Gwyn Davies, a scientist described as eccentric from the early 20th century. They shared that Dr. Gwyn Davies will be an important part of the story, saving the rest of the cast.

The co-showrunner, Phil Klemmer, was actually quite free with information for the rest of season six of Legends of Tomorrow and with some fun updates for season seven. One other fun piece of information given by Klemmer was that Matt Ryan isn’t the only established actor on the series changing things up. Amy Louise Pemberton does the voicework for Gideon, the AI, on the series since the beginning. She has also appeared as the AI in physical form on occasion. In season seven, Amy Louise Pemberton will be playing a “flesh and blood” version of Gideon the AI as a series regular on the show.

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Why is Matt Ryan’s John Constantine leaving Legends of Tomorrow? While the show writers are working to make that transition natural, and clearly they wanted to keep the actor on the show, the character needed to be phased out due to another series starting soon. There will be a Constantine series on HBO Max using the character, likely played by another actor. It’s expected he’ll be played by a person of color. That new series doesn’t have a release date yet, but it seems that it was important the character of John Constantine wasn’t appearing on two different running shows at the same time. Fortunately, Matt Ryan will get to continue his work on the show.

It will be interesting to see how Matt Ryan handles playing Dr. Gwyn Davies in a way that won’t be distracting for Legends of Tomorrow fans who have become so accustomed to seeing him as John Constantine. Will it be too difficult to fans to see him differently on the same series? Or will enough of an outfit and makeup change, with a different approach to the character for the actor, do the trick?

The Legends of Tomorrow panel had one more fun treat for fans. They put together a teaser video that shows off what’s to come for the rest of season six. You can see that below.

Several months ago, Dominic Purcell, who previously played Heatwave on Legends of Tomorrow, left the series after a number of dramatic social media posts where he trashed the show and the executives behind it. It seemed at the time like more actors may have followed him, but this news that Matt Ryan is staying on with a different character seems promising for the series as it moves forward.