Worst ’90s Movie Rips Off Blockbuster Box Office Smash

By Sckylar Gibby-Brown | Published

legend of the titanic

In every era of movies, you’re going to get the immediate classics and the absolute flops. The 1990s was a particularly special era with some of the most cherished and universally acclaimed films in history. It also featured some of the worst duds of all time, like The Legend of the Titanic, an animated atrocity that ripped off one of the best movies released before the end of the millennium.

The Legend Of A Bad Idea

One of the standout cinematic triumphs of the 1990s was James Cameron’s Titanic, a groundbreaking film that captivated audiences with never before used technology and soared to become the highest-grossing film of its time. Yet, as with any massively successful endeavor, imitators quickly emerged, one of which was The Legend of the Titanic from SEK Studio. While an animated retelling of one of the worst tragedies from the early 1900s is a strange enough idea, the alterations and departures made within the film’s narrative render it one of the most contemptible and reprehensible films in cinematic history.

Although every era witnesses its share of cinematic misfires, calling The Legend of the Titanic a stinker is being too kind to the total clunker this trainwreck was. Whoever thought that what kids in the 90s needed was an animated retelling of the sinking of the RMS Titanic should have been shut down at the pitch meeting. Unfortunately, the film was greenlit, followed by a production that ripped off more than one 90s gem.

A Fairy Tale Version Of History

legend of the titanic

Over a thousand lives were lost in the Titanic’s sinking. While Cameron’s film paid homage to these lost souls, The Legend of the Titanic insists that none of the people on board the Titanic lost their lives that fateful night. The animated feature unfolds a simplistic, child-friendly tale featuring talking animals and a fantastical octopus that rescues the ship from its fate. 

Titanic Wasn’t The Only Victim

legend of the titanic

The feature—which would have been bad enough based on the cheap animation and cheesy voice acting alone—rewrites history, probably to make the film more child-friendly, but it registers as morally dubious and deeply offensive. What’s more, not only does The Legend of the Titanic rip off Cameron’s beautifully done and respectful retelling, but it also rips off other well-made movies from the 90s, like Don Bluth’s An American Tail

The Story

The Legend of the Titanic kicks off in 90s New York City where an old mouse named Connors recounts the “true” story of the RMS Titanic to his grandchildren, cautioning against a dangerous shark whistle. Connors, once a young sailor mouse aboard the Titanic‘s maiden voyage, befriends Ronny, a soccer-loving mouse, meanwhile, a jail-clad shark named Mr. Ice plots the ship’s destruction. With the help of sharks, an iceberg strikes the Titanic, leading to a dramatic rescue orchestrated by whales and dolphins.

Just So Bad

While The Legend of the Titanic is a tone-deaf dud, there was one movie reviewer who loved it. Alternate Ending reviewer, Tim Brayton awarded the movie a 0.5/5, calling the movie “A giddy, so-bad-it’s-the-most-essential-movie-I’ve-ever-seen disaster of tasteless incompetence.” While Brayton may have appreciated the film’s so-bad-it’s-good quality, here at GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT, we just think this film is bad. It’s a distasteful rip-off and a true bottom-of-the-barrel choice of 90s entertainment.

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