1990s Action Crime Thriller Fan-Favorite Gets Must-Buy Upgrade

By Jeffrey Rapaport | Published

la femme nikita

In an exciting nod to a ‘90s classic that dramatically influenced the action thriller genre, Sony will soon release French director Luc Besson’s seminal film, La Femme Nikita, on 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray. This next-level format is sure to redefine the cinematic experience for cinema heads and new fans alike. The release, slated for June 11th, constitutes a super-exclusive single-disc SteelBook that will, more likely than not, evolve into a collector’s item. 

Incredible AV Quality

la femme nikita

Get ready for the highest fidelity viewing experience—fit with 4K resolution and Dolby Vision—alongside French and English 5.1. The perks don’t stop there: the single-disc SteelBook will also feature French 2-Channel Surround soundtracks, sure to immerse audiences in the intense and engaging world of La Femme Nikita. However, despite the premium audiovisual quality, ensuring this edition is a cornerstone of any collection, the UHD disk will not include a Blu-ray.

Indicative of Besson’s Later Work

Upon its premiere, Besson’s movie assumed a towering and admirable role as a powerhouse among action crime thrillers. The film broke ground through its riveting narrative and utterly innovative visual style–it relates a tale of transformation, charting Nikita’s journey from troubled youth to sophisticated assassin (in this way, its narratively similar to Besson’s other crime-action icon, Leon: The Professional).

As much today as it did in the ‘90s, La Femme Nikita seizes the imagination and won’t let go. The film’s knack for commanding attention makes sense, given Besson’s films simply tend to do that– for evidence, look no further than his canonized sci-fi classic, The Fifth Element.

Success And Overseas Remakes

la femme nikita

Much of what makes the film marvelous and deserving of this high-end technological improvement is its aesthetic–its almost avant-garde sensibility. Its journey from Parisian art house theaters to international acclaim (alongside financial windfall) was, at the time, unexpected, albeit well deserved. Ultimately, the film surpassed mere cultural and linguistic barriers, earning a sizable global audience. 

Of course, La Femme Nikita exerted outsized influence on the genre; its success gave rise to adaptations and strong inspirations across oceans and film industries, such as the American remake No Return or the Hong Kong reimagining, Black Cat

The Original Camera Negative

Clearly, Sony evidences their commitment to preserving and celebrating cinematic history through this upcoming 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray edition, which will debut almost 35 years after the film’s original release. 

Through the restoration of the original camera negative and the addition of Dolby Vision, fans and collectors will likely jump on the opportunity to experience the film in peerless visual and auditory quality. 

No Release Date Yet

La Femme Nikita stares Anne Parillaud, Jeanne Moreau, and Jean Reno; Parillaud’s performance of Nikita, iconic as ever, depicts the evolution (or devolution) of a woman from a desperate criminal to a polished killer. The portrayal remains compelling and nuanced; small wonder The New York Times, among other big-name periodicals, lauded the ‘90s staple when it premiered. 

Despite the enormous anticipation, Sony has not opened pre-orders for the must-have release yet. Fans are advised to stay tuned for updates on availability, which should be announced shortly. In any case, when they can, collectors and aficionados of the genre will probably flood Sony with pre-orders for the 4K Ulta HD Blu-ray La Femme Nikita, eager to snag a copy.

Source: High Def Digest