Kristen Wiig Kills Fan-Anticipated Sequel Hopes

By TeeJay Small | Published

Since Bridesmaids first premiered in 2011, fans across the world have demanded a sequel to the uproarious romantic comedy, though no such film ever went into production. Now, nearly 15 years after the film initially hit theaters, the film’s star Kristen Wiig claims that there has never even been a meeting to discuss a possible Bridesmaids 2 script.

While this news is surely disappointing to some fans who wish against all odds to see Annie Walker and company fumble their way through another wedding, Wigg says it’s for the best, as the story had a conclusive and satisfying ending.

Kristen Wiig Never Considered Making Bridesmaids 2

Kristen Wiig officially shut down any hopes for a Bridesmaids 2 film during a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, which primarily focussed on Wiig’s new project Palm Royale. Palm Royale is an Apple TV+ original series that stars Kristen Wiig as an aspiring upscale socialite in an exclusive Florida social club. While discussing her past works in the interview, Wiig concluded that a Bridesmaids sequel, while highly requested, has never truly been a consideration for her.

Bridesmaids 2 Wouldn’t Make Sense

Kristen Wiig co-wrote the screenplay for the original Bridesmaids, alongside the film’s director Paul Feig and Barbie actress Annie Mumolo, all of whom seem to agree that the conclusion to the 2011 film leaves very little room for a return to the central character. As far back as 2017, Paul Feig expressed doubts that a Bridesmaids 2 sequel could work on the grounds that revisiting Annie Walker would mean undoing some of the work that went into completing her arc at the end of the first film.

Some Bridesmaids Actors Were Willing To Return

Feig specifically stated that watching Annie get her life together in the first movie, just to undo her progress in Bridesmaids 2 would detract from the overall value of the film, making the very idea of franchising the comedy a herculean task.

While some cast members have expressed interest in reprising their roles in a potential sequel, the writing and directing team seem to be wholly opposed to the entire concept. Still, it would be nice to see the gang behind Bridesmaids regroup for another blockbuster comedy, even under another title.

How The Sequel Could Work

Bridesmaids‘ star Maya Rudolph has jested in interviews that too much time has passed since the original film was made, meaning Bridesmaids 2 would have to be renamed to something like “Old Ladies.” Despite the objections from the writers of the film, some fans believe a second installment in the Bridesmaids franchise could work if it centered on the cast of the first film in a brand new phase of life, facing completely different problems, similar to the Judd Apatow film This Is 40.

The sequel could even see the original cast passing the torch to a group of new comedic actors starring as the teenage children of the original characters.

Catch Kristen Wiig In Palm Royale

For now, Bridesmaids 2 seems to be officially off the table. Fans of the original film will simply have to move on and catch Kristen Wiig and company in new projects, such as the upcoming Apple TV+ Palm Royale series.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter