Kevin Costner Opening Kevin Costner Themed Restaurant

By Jacob VanGundy | Published

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  • Kevin Costner is opening a Kevin Costner-themed restaurant in Utah
  • The Kevin Costner restaurant is part of a studio he is building
  • It is part of an effort to make filming Horizon: An American Saga and other movies easier

Good news, Kevin Costner fans of Utah: a Kevin Costner-themed restaurant is being opened by none other than Kevin Costner himself. The actor is building a studio in St. George, Utah, which will have a connected restaurant themed around Kevin Costner. Details on the restaurant are scant, as the restaurant and studio are still under construction. 

Kevin Costner’s Studio And Restaurant

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The decision to build the studio and restaurant follows Kevin Costner’s filming of Horizon: An American Saga in the state.

It was the issues he ran into while filming that movie that led to his desire to build his own fully functioning studio in Utah for any future films he makes in the state.

What remains unknown as of now is why Costner decided to make a restaurant themed around himself. 

Kevin Costner Theme All Around

The studio itself has multiple functions, serving as a fully independent studio that can provide whatever an on-location director might need. It has two full sound studios, a production warehouse, and offices in addition to the restaurant.

Appropriately, these studios will offer tours, which makes the restaurant make a little more sense as Kevin Costner seems to be building the studio partially as a tourist attraction. 

Goal Is Easier Filming

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It does make some sense that Kevin Costner is using his star power to not only facilitate easier filming in Utah but also create a tourist destination and restaurant based on his prolific career.

Some of Costner’s best-known films came in the 80s and 90s when he starred in such massive hits as Field of Dreams, Dances With Wolves, and The Bodyguard.

While his heyday as a leading man is in the past Costner has continued on in supporting roles and leading smaller movies, remaining a respected and beloved actor even if he’s not staring in blockbuster hits anymore. 

Themed All Around His Career?

It seems likely that the Kevin Costner restaurant will be themed around his career, but it’s hard to say what that will actually look like in practice.

Will the restaurant fully lean into the theme and have specific dishes relating to his roles, like a Dances With Wolves bison burger, for instance? Or it could simply be a typical restaurant that has memorabilia and perhaps props from Costner’s storied history. 

Great For Local Economy?

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Regardless of what form the restaurant ends up taking, Kevin Costner’s new studio and restaurant is going to be a boon for the local economy.

A fully functional studio will encourage more films to shoot in Utah, bringing the money from those productions into the state and town and creating jobs connected to those productions.

In addition, if Costner’s plan for tours and the Kevin Costner restaurant ends up becoming a tourist attraction that would bring in even more money for the area as those tourists will need things like lodging, transportation, and other amenities. 

Another Celebrity Win?

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Right now, Kevin Costner fans don’t have much information to go off, but for super fans, the studio and restaurant could become the Costner holy land.

Other celebrities have successfully turned their public image into successful business ventures, such as Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville and Dolly Parton’s Dollywood, perhaps Kevin Costner could be the next celebrity to do so.

After all, who doesn’t want a For Love of the Game-themed brunch?