Kevin Costner Planning To Shoot More Movies For His Dream Project

By Jeffrey Rapaport | Published

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  • Even though much of Kevin Costner’s dream project is filmed, he says he has more movies to make as part of the launch.
  • Costner says he will soon begin filming the third and fourth features that will be part of his Horizon film series.
  • Horizon is being called a Western epic which will span a number of years, both before and after the American Civil War.
  • Speculation is abound regarding the largely private funding of the film, including $24 million of Costner’s own money and around $100 million from unknown investors.

Follow your dreams, the advice goes—and it would seem actor Kevin Costner is certainly doing that. After shooting the first and second installments of his largely privately financed Western epic, Horizon, the actor-writer-director has declared he’ll soon begin work on the third and fourth installments. The fanfare surrounding Costner’s commitment comes amidst speculation and intrigue surrounding the specifics of financing for these earlier films in his series. 

Filming For Horizon 3 And 4

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Kevin Costner will soon begin principal photography for Horizon parts three and four in beautiful, very Western-y St. George, Utah, the actor recently revealed a hotly-watched interview with Fox Business.

The Story Of Horizon

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Details about the project and all of its installments remain scant. As of now, Kevin Costner’s ambitious Western has been branded as an “American Saga”—one detailing the American Western frontier both before and after the Civil War. 

Putting His Money Where His Mouth Is

More than the meager details about its plot, however, the ongoing project has made headlines for the background of its financing. Beyond pouring in his creative vision, Costner has volunteered enormous amounts of his own wealth toward realizing the dream project. To secure additional funding, Costner mortgaged 10 acres of his precious oceanfront property in Santa Barbara.

The actor-director is known for his roles in epic narratives—especially Westerns, like the phenomenally successful TV series Yellowstone—alongside his directorial prowess (films he’s directed include Dances With Wolves and Open Range). Perhaps based on his artistic achievement, Kevin Costner felt comfortable and confident investing over $24 million of his own funds into the series of films. 

Costner’s Personal Investment Is Rare

Of course, this intense personal investment is exceedingly rare in Hollywood today, harkening to New American films—such as Francis Ford Coppola’s Apocalypse Now, which the director famously and largely financed himself. Like Coppola’s gambit, Costner’s big bet on his four-movie-long R-rated saga is highly risky and grandiose. 

Where Is The Rest Of The Money Coming From?


Hollywood insiders remain in the dark about precisely who or what financially backed the first two Horizon installments. Whoever or whatever they are, their investments amounted to $100 million for each film. Warner Bros., at least partially involved in the movie—insofar as its handling the films’ staggered releases—will put them out six weeks apart this summer. 

The role of unnamed and incredibly wealthy investors, alongside Kevin Costner’s contributions, underscore the highly unconventional path Horizon has forged to reach audiences. The fact that Costner is raising money and beginning work on two more films before the first two have even been released emphasizes his all-in, gambler’s attitude. 

Horizon Parts 1 And 2 Coming This Summer

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Parts 1 and 2 of Horizon: An American Saga are releasing this summer–Part 1 on June 28 and Part 2 on August 16. It seems likely ticket sales will benefit from Costner’s legacy on Yellowstone.