Ken Jennings Finally Announced As The Host Of Jeopardy!

Ken Jennings is now going to be a permanent fixture on Jeopardy! as his introduction is now going to be reflecting his new hosting title.

By James Brizuela | Published

ken jennings jeopardy

At long last, Jeopardy! has finally introduced Ken Jennings as the host of the popular quiz show. Well, that announcement had already come, but there was some strangeness attached to Jennings when he had walked on stage. Fans were quick to point out that when Mayim Bialik walked on stage she was referred to as, “the host of Jeopardy!” Jennings was introduced as, “hosting Jeopardy!” This designation seemed to insist that Jennings was not in it for the long run. Executive Producer Michael Davies has now indicated that both Bialik and Jennings will be introduced as the “host of Jeopardy!”

Ken Jennings will now be fully splitting duties with Mayim Bialik. During filming for the new season, Jennings will be taking over from September to January. Bialik will then step in from January to the end of the new season. Bialik will be splitting time with hosting Jeopardy! to her new series, Call Me Kat. The pair will also split duties with one another on the bigger events. Jennings will host the Second Chance Tournament and Tournament of Champions. Bialik is taking Celebrity Jeopardy! and the other special tournaments.

Jeopardy! seemed to be in trouble after multiple guest hosts were brought in during the past six months, and the job nearly went to former executive producer Mike Richards. There was plenty of backlash with that decision including some unearthing of unpleasant audio from the man in a podcast. Ken Jennings and Mayim Bialik came in as splitting duties, but Bialik became more of a fixture with Jennings sporadically popping in. Now, the quiz show and the #1 bigger earner in the shows seemed to have made a deal for him to stick around for a lot longer than initially expected.

Ken Jennings had taken some time off from Jeopardy!, which led plenty of fans to be upset. Even though Mayim Bialik was doing a fine job hosting, she was constantly under scrutiny for some reason. Fans were quick to point out her on-air mistakes, and even quicker to be upset when she was referred to as “the host of” when it should have been the same for Jennings. Now, Michael Davies has fixed that mistake, and fans can breathe a sigh of relief. Jennings will now be a permanent fixture on Jeopardy!

The hope now is that he stays with the show for years to come, which seems to be the indication of his permanent hosting title. Ken Jennings took some time off from Jeopardy!, but that was likely so he could have a vacation before taking over more of a permanent role. Fans are likely plenty happy that he has returned.

Jeopardy! is filming Ken Jennings and Mayim Bialik’s parts separately, so the assumption now is that Jennings will be filling in for the first half of the new season, and Bialik will be handling the second half. That is likely because the actress is also filming a sitcom. We are not sure if that means that they will continue in this manner, but both will be part of the popular quiz game show from here on out.