Ken Block, Racer And YouTube Sensation, Has Died

Ken Block died via injuries sustained from a snowmobile accident.

By James Brizuela | Updated

ken block

Ken Block, a famous racer, YouTube personality, and stunt driver, sadly died at the age of 55 while in Utah. Block had been in Wasatch County in Utah, operating a snowmobile, which upended and landed on top of him. The local Sheriff’s office indicated through a Facebook post that Block had been pronounced dead at the scene from injuries sustained by the vehicle.

Ken Block is the co-founder of the skate brand company DC and a clothing brand known as Hoonigan Industries. Hoonigan confirmed the tragic news of Block’s passing on its Instagram page, stating that, “Ken was a visionary, a pioneer, and an icon.”

This is truly tragic news, as Ken Block had been one of the biggest YouTube sensations because of his Gymkhana series that garnered millions of views from around the world. Block performed many daring racing feats, often getting other celebrities involved like fellow skateboarder, Rob Dyrdek. These feats would lead to an eight-part miniseries on Amazon Prime Video called The Gymkhana Files.

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The Gymkhana Files followed Ken Block and the struggles that went along with creating one of the biggest social media campaigns that have ever been put together. Block would also garner the help of superstar Idris Elba in a short-lived series on Quibi called, Elba vs Block. Block has appeared in many racing formats from television shows like BBC’s Top Gear and many EA-made racing games.

Ken Block has been a racer of high caliber for nearly 20 years, as he broke into the scene back in 2005 with the Vermont SportsCar team. Based on his performance that year, he would win the honor of Rookie of the Year. Block also started the world-famous DC company back in 1998 with Danny Way and Clayton Belhm, which would be purchased by Quicksilver for $87 million in 2004.

Instead of featuring Ken Block, the most recent Gymkana video featured motorsports legend, Travis Pastrana, as he raced a Subaru through the streets of Florida. The most recent Ken Block YouTube video is the story of how he secured the championship title in the 2022 American Rally Association season. The nearly hour-long documentary was posted on his page just two weeks ago.

The motorsports world has already seen plenty of outpourings of dedication to Ken Block, who paved his own way through the racing world. We truly hope that his family can find some sort of solace in knowing that Block inspired countless people throughout the world and brought smiles to the faces of those who have watched his amazing videos.

Ken Block is survived by his wife Kelly, and their three children. We are not sure if there are previously recorded videos that Block made prior to the tragic accident that occurred in Utah, but we would imagine they would be released at some point in the future to honor the memory of one of the best motorsports legends in the world. Our thoughts are with his family and friends during this difficult time, and we know that Block’s legacy will live on forever.