Keanu Reeves In Talks For Constantine 2 And More DC Characters?

Keanu Reeves could be back as Constantine and other DC characters.

By Drew Dietsch | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Keanu Reeves made a memorable impression as the first on-screen interpretation of modern-day sorcerer John Constantine. Though the movie did not immediately set fans on fire, it has become more and more appreciated as the years have gone on. This has led to a lot of requests for a sequel and there have been a number of rumblings that the follow-up is getting worked on behind the scenes. And thanks to a new rumor, it sounds like that is still the plan. However, it could also include even more roles for the actor in the DC universe.

Insider Daniel Richtman is reporting that Keanu Reeves is still being courted for a Constantine sequel, but that Warner Bros. is also discussing some other DC characters that the actor could play. Richtman was not able to say which specific DC characters Warner Bros. is throwing at Reeves to play, but it does line up with some recent developments in the actor’s career. He was just recently announced as one of the voice cast members in DC’s League of Super-Pets. Much of the speculation has him pegged as the voice of none other than Batman. This could be leading towards negotiations for him to play a DC superhero (or villain!) in a live-action feature. He’s already got his foot in the door, especially if he ends up playing the flagship character of DC Comics.

Not to mention that Keanu Reeves has a standing relationship with Warner Bros. thanks to this year’s upcoming The Matrix 4. If that goes well, you can bet that Warner Bros. will want to continue working with Reeves on major projects. And for Warner Bros., there is no greater intellectual property than their stable of DC characters. Exactly what role and project would be the right fit for Reeves is up in the air. One of the immediate projects that comes to mind would be the Zatanna movie. He would make an excellent Zatara, the father of the titular sorceress. His casting would undoubtedly gain more attention towards that project, especially since Zatanna is not the kind of character that mainstream audiences are familiar with.

Naturally, this all could be thrown into chaos if Keanu Reeves ends up signing up for the Marvel Cinematic Universe instead. While sharing actors is not an impossibility, it does matter that certain actors get cemented in audiences’ minds when it comes to these superhero universes on film. If Reeves shows up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe first, many audiences might see his inclusion in a DC movie to be second-hand. Hopefully, Warner Bros. can nail him down to a particular role sooner rather than later. If not, it is going to be Marvel’s gain and Warner Bros.’ loss.

Here’s hoping we can learn some more concrete news about Keanu Reeves in regards to Constantine 2 and these other potential DC roles. The actor is in hot demand during this stage of his career, and any project that manages to snag him for a role is going to get some serious attention.