See Kate Beckinsale Blonde And Getting Her Toes Licked In A New Trailer

Watch the trailer for the upcoming Paramount+ original series Guilty Party starring Kate Beckinsale!

By Tyler Pisapia | Updated

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kate beckinsale guilty party

Paramount+ unveiled the first trailer for its upcoming dark comedy series starring Kate Beckinsale titled Guilty Party

The 48-year-old actress stars as Beth Burgess, a once-respected journalist who finds her entire life turned upside down by a particularly bad year that sees both her personal and professional life fall to pieces. In the trailer, Kate Beckinsale sports Beth’s blonde hair and significantly more buttoned-down attire than the actress typically sports in real life. 

The trailer opens with Kate Beckinsale’s character getting an award for her work in local Colorado journalism. It abruptly cuts to a year later and she has somehow lost her reputation and prestige in the news reporting community, although it is not revealed why. However, she is chewed out by her much younger boss for her antics, which include scenes of her breaking and entering, hard-drinking and smacking someone in a drive-thru.

kate beckinsale guilty party

Meanwhile, her personal life also seems like it’s in a state of flux as marital problems are clearly plaguing Kate Beckinsale’s Beth. In one scene, she appears to be having a parking lot meltdown on the phone, telling someone on the other end that her husband is clearly pressuring her to have multiple children at a time when she’s not even sure she wants to have one. 

However, Burgess seems to get a chance at redemption when she gets into the case of a woman named Toni Plimpton (Jules Latimer) who was convicted of murdering her husband, a crime she maintains she is not guilty of. According to Collider, Kate Beckinsale’s character then finds herself on a wild road to redemption and adventure that puts her in the crosshairs of gun smugglers, clickbait culture and more that may even cost her a rather boring marriage. At one point, she even finds herself in some kind of kinky tanning bedroom where a woman begins licking her feet, so there’s really no telling where this half-hour, ten-episode series will truly go. 

Speaking to reporters at a recent Television Critics Association press tour panel, Guilty Party creator and writer Rebecca Addelman also noted that the show won’t ignore the “white savior” aspect of what Beth is doing by hitching her redemption story to a wrongfully convicted Black woman’s quest for freedom. Meanwhile, Kate Beckinsale is just happy to get a break from movies and really dive deep into a new character. 

At the same panel, the actress explained that, while she’s known for movies like Underworld, Serendipity and The Aviator, Kate Beckinsale noted that she was loving the opportunity to get on TV and spend five hours with a character rather than the typical 90-minutes that a movie provides. This is likely a lesson she learned reprising her role as Selene in (roughly) five Underworld sequels. Now, she’ll get the chance to dive into an entirely new character. 

Guilty Party, starring Kate Beckinsale, Geoff Stults, Alanna Ubach, Laurie Davidson, Jules Latimer, Andre Hyland and Tiya Sircar, is set to premiere on the Paramount+ streaming service on Oct. 12. The show will drop the first two episodes before dropping the remaining eight each week.