Kaley Cuoco To Return To Her Best Series?

Could it be?

By Vic Medina | Published

kaley cuoco

Fans of the HBO Max series The Flight Attendant, take hope: we may not have seen the last of Cassie Bowden and star Kaley Cuoco. Back when season two finished its run on the streaming service in May, Cuoco seemingly closed the door to more seasons. Now, in a new interview with Variety, Cuoco admits she may have spoken prematurely, and she may not be ready to completely deboard the Flight Attendant ride for good. “I’ve talked to a lot of the main cast, and they are up for it,” she says of a third season. “I could see it happening.”

She now admits her previous comments about ending the series may have come across as too definite. “I’ve learned in my life never say never — that’s my biggest advice. So I’m definitely open to it,” she says now, to the delight of a dedicated fan base. When The Flight Attendant premiered in November of 2020, it was an instant hit with viewers and critics. Cuoco earned two Primetime Emmy nominations, including Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series. It was her first Emmy nominations, and validation of her place in Hollywood after 12 seasons starring in CBS’ The Big Bang Theory. Despite dozens of Emmy nominations for the show and stars Jim Parsons (who won four Emmys) and Mayim Bialik (who was nominated four times), Kaley Cuoco was never nominated.

The Flight Attendant was a surprise hit, and changed Cuoco’s career forever. Even with all of the critical acclaim, however, Kaley Cuoco seemed ready to move on when season two finished. At the time, she told People Magazine “I think for me, at this moment, the plane has landed … I think I need a minute. I just kind of feel like we just ended.” Her work schedule may have affected her comments. In addition to voicing the DC Comics character Harley Quinn in the HBO adult animation series, she’s also been making films. She’s currently filming Role Play in Berlin, where she plays an assassin. She recently finished filming the comedy Meet Cute with Pete Davidson and her Netflix action comedy The Man From Toronto (with Kevin Hart and Woody Harrelson) premiered in June.

However, having dinner with executive producer Greg Berlanti recently may have clarified the possible future of the show. “I was at a dinner a couple of weeks ago sitting next to Greg Berlanti…but I whispered to him, and I’m like, ‘Third season?’ And he just nodded at me. I was like, ‘Wow,'” she said. After the first season saw Cuoco’s character Cassie mixed up in a murder mystery, season two took on more of a international intrigue feel. Cassie went to work for the CIA and got mixed up in yet another murder mystery, and the door is open to just about anything for season three. If the show does well at the Emmys, another season could become a reality sooner than expected. Meanwhile, Cuoco is busy with Based on a True Story, a crime series for Peacock.

If or when a third season of The Flight Attendant does happen, it will be under the right circumstances. As an executive producer, Kaley Cuoco has significant input into the show’s creative direction. “I don’t want to force this down people’s throats,” she says of another season. “I want the storyline to be perfect enough.” Until then, she is reportedly prepping a new series about the life of Doris Day. She’s also learning to not be casual in her comments with reporters. “You’d think after 30 years in this business, I’d learned how to talk in interviews. But no, I still run my mouth,” she said.