Kaley Cuoco To Play A Hollywood Legend In Next Film

By James Brizuela | 1 month ago

kaley cuoco

Kaley Cuoco is starting to carve out a huge place for herself in show business. Apart from becoming one of the richest women in television based on her time with The Big Bang Theory, she has now moved on to The Flight Attendant. This new series has already turned many heads and is lauded as one of the best shows on HBO currently. Cuoco was able to create her own production company, which is called Norman Productions. Her production company was instrumental in starting The Flight Attendant, and now the company is aiming for even more shows and films. One such show is a biopic in which Cuoco will take on the role of Doris Day.

doris day

Doris Day was a monumentally successful woman from the 1940s to the 1970s. She remained in the spotlight for practically every decade beyond that as well. Kaley Cuoco is now set to create a film that is going to be the most personal look at Day’s life. According to Cuoco, “She’s so iconic – America’s sweetheart, an animal lover, dancer, etc. Finding more about her life is another example of you never know what someone’s going through. She was going through so much behind the scenes.” The actress is referring to the torrid personal life that Day was put through. She had a schizophrenic and abusive first husband. Her third husband mismanaged and took away her $20 million dollar fortune, and her son was claimed to be a target of the Manson Family murders. There is clearly a ton of story to be converted about this woman’s life.

Kaley Cuoco is basing this new series about Doris Day on a biography from the 1970s called Doris Day: Her Own Story. Cuoco has almost promised that this series will not be the typical biopic that only covers the successes of people, without diving too deeply into their downfalls and possibly dramatic lives. From the sounds of what Day had to go through, there is certainly enough there to showcase a truly difficult look at Day’s life. Cuoco will be producing this series through her Normal Productions company, though there are no details about where it will be picked up. We could guess that since she already has a top show on HBO, and the adult subject matter to be covered, it might end up on that same channel. HBO certainly knows how to bring about adult content and drama in a fantastic way.

Kaley Cuoco is clearly working her way through the show business sector in a big way. She did recently talk about how she had been left out of Knives Out 2, with the role going to Anne Hathaway. Although that event had been upsetting, she hasn’t let it deter her from making something more out of her career. That is certainly going to be a blockbuster film, but Cuoco has tons to look forward to, including the continued success of The Flight Attendant. There are no further details regarding this new Doris Day biopic series, other than the mention that she is making it. Stay tuned for more casting announcements and what network is going to pick up this new series. It should be a streaming platform that has more freedom in terms of what can be shown and said.