Jurassic Park Is Coming Back To Theaters

By Sean Thiessen | Published

30 years ago, dinosaurs ruled the box office. Now Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park will roam into cinemas once again. As reported by Deadline, the film will celebrate its 30th anniversary with a special release in RealD 3D-ready theaters across North America on August 25.

Jurassic Park is coming back to theaters for the film’s 30th anniversary, but it’s only in RealD 3D this time.

For the release, Universal is digging up the 3D version of Jurassic Park, which the studio created in 2013 for the 20-year anniversary of the classic movie. Riding the 3D craze sparked by Avatar in 2009, the return of Jurassic Park added $45 million to the film’s box office total, sending its lifetime gross over the $1 billion mark.

Based on the novel by Michael Crichton, Jurassic Park follows a duo of paleontologists who join a preview tour of a park containing living dinosaurs. Cloned from DNA found in fossilized mosquitoes, the prehistoric beasts prove mightier than ever imagined. When the park’s power goes down, the dinosaurs escape, leaving the humans trapped on the island in a fight for survival.

When Jurassic Park was released in 1993, it conquered Spielberg’s own E.T. to become the highest-grossing film of all time. Before E.T., Spielberg had set the record with Jaws.

Jurassic Park was re-released for its 20th anniversary in 3D, and earned an additional $45 million towards its record-setting box office haul.

Since then, moviegoers’ appetite for dinosaurs has been more insatiable than a T-Rex. Spielberg returned for The Lost World, a follow-up to Jurassic Park that failed to reach the financial and critical success of the original. Director Joe Johnston took the helm for the ill-received Jurassic Park III.

Universal went back to the lab and emerged in 2015 with Jurassic World, a sequel/reboot that has since become a trilogy of its own. While critical reception and fan response have wavered throughout the course of the Jurassic franchise’s long life, the box office does not lie. Across six films, the series boasts over $6 billion in ticket sales worldwide.

jurassic park
Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park was a technical marvel when it was released in 1993. Its impressive animatronic dinosaurs were supplemented by groundbreaking CGI that changed the course of film history, earning the filmmakers Oscars for sound and visual effects.

Beyond its spectacle, Jurassic Park packs fascinating science fiction concepts and a life-affirming embrace of change into a compelling and credible story. From a screenplay by Michael Crichton and David Koepp, Steven Spielberg crafts a film that remains a staple of escapism.

Jurassica Park was the largest movie in history when it was released in 1993, taking the title from E.T.

Even as technology has advanced, Steven Spielberg’s masterpiece remains the blockbuster gold standard for many people. The 2023 box office is finally showing signs of life thanks to Barbie and Oppenheimer, and Jurassic Park may well show everyone else how it’s done when it returns.

Jurassic Park stars Sam Neill, Laura Dern, and Jeff Goldblum in career-defining roles. The film also features Ariana Richards, Joseph Mazzello, Wayne Knight, Martin Ferrero, Bob Peck, BD Wong, and Samuel L. Jackson. Previews for the 3D re-release of Jurassic Park begin at 4 pm on Thursday, August 24. 

Jurassic Park is one of the most iconic films from one of history’s most iconic filmmakers. The dinosaurs may be extinct, but their cinematic legend will rule the Earth forever.