The Joseph Gordon-Levitt Thriller On Streaming That Will Scare You From Flying

By Sckylar Gibby-Brown | Published

Joseph Gordon-Levitt in 7500

Since catching his big break in the 90s teen comedy 10 Things I Hate About You at 18, Joseph Gordon-Levitt has gone on to create a flourishing career in Hollywood. Gordon-Levitt has appeared in movies stretching across just about every genre, from sci-fi action movies like Looper to dramas like 50/50 to romantic comedies like 500 Days of Summer.

The Inception actor also starred in the terrifying thriller 7500, a film currently streaming on Amazon Prime about a pilot who has to deal with the unthinkable — terrorists who hijack his flight.

7500, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, is streaming now on Amazon Prime Video.

Nearly the entirety of 7500 unfolds within the tight confines of a cockpit on a plane, creating a claustrophobic setting that adds to the already terrifying immersive story of a pilot dealing with a hijacking.

The story centers on co-pilot Tobias Ellis, portrayed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and his captain, Michael Lutzmann, as they prepare for a flight from Berlin to Paris. The tension escalates as terrorists gain control of the plane, seizing hostages and eventually forcing their way into the cockpit, leading to a life-and-death struggle between the villains and our hero.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character, Tobias, becomes a symbol of resilience as he fights to protect the passengers and crew. The title of the film, 7500, refers to the emergency transponder code for unlawful interference, and the narrative stays true to this theme as chaos ensues.


As the hijackers take control of the plane, Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Tobias must navigate a treacherous path, both in the air and within his own conscience. Instructed not to open the door under any circumstance, Tobias must figure out how to save the plane without ever leaving the cockpit. The film masterfully captures the emotional turmoil of its characters as they confront extreme situations, blurring the lines between rationality and raw human instinct.

Upon release, 7500 received a mixed but generally positive reception from critics. On Rotten Tomatoes, it holds a 71 percent approval rating, with praise for Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s compelling performance at the forefront.

The critical consensus highlights that while the film might not reach the pinnacle of sky-bound thrillers — when accounting for every airplane thriller, including classics like Air Force One, Red Eye, Flight Plan, and Turbulence, 7500 has a lot to compete with — Gordon-Levitt’s solid acting keeps it afloat. Metacritic echoes this sentiment with a score of 58, indicating a mix of reviews.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt carries 7500 through his performance, with most of the film focused solely on his character in the plane’s cockpit.

7500 was written by Senad Halilbašić and Patrick Vollrath and directed by Vollrath on a budget of $5 million. While the film centers around the impossible decisions that Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character must face, the film also features captivating performances by the rest of the cast, including Omid Memar as Vedat, Aylin Tezel as Gökce, Carlo Kitzlinger as Captain Michael Lutzmann, Murathan Muslu as Kinan, Paul Wollin as Daniel, and Aurélie Thépaut as Nathalie.


Before performing in 7500, Joseph Gordon-Levitt had already established himself as a versatile and accomplished actor over the years. His journey in the entertainment industry began at a young age, with notable early roles in films like A River Runs Through It and Angels in the Outfield. These early performances earned him recognition, including a Young Artist Award.

One of Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s breakthroughs came with the TV series 3rd Rock from the Sun, where he portrayed Tommy Solomon. His comedic talents shone in this role, and the show garnered a devoted fan base during its run from 1996 to 2001.

In 2002, Joseph Gordon-Levitt voiced the main character in one of Disney’s most underrated films, Treasure Planet. But then, the actor temporarily stepped away from acting to pursue higher education at Columbia University. He ended up dropping out of college and returned to the industry in 2004. 

In recent years, Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s career has expanded to include writing, directing, and producing.

Beyond acting, Gordon-Levitt is a multi-talented artist. He wrote and directed Don Jon, a comedy-drama that received positive reviews and earned him an Independent Spirit Award nomination for Best First Screenplay. His involvement in projects like HitRecord, an online media platform, showcases his creative versatility and innovative spirit.

In recent years, Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s career has expanded to include writing, directing, and producing. His comedy-drama series Mr. Corman on Apple TV+ further exhibits his skills in storytelling, both in front of and behind the camera.

While incredibly talented in many areas, 7500 stands out as one of Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s most impressive performances. The film offers a heart-pounding thriller and demonstrates unique and creative storytelling by showing what it would be like to be a pilot trapped in such a terrifying and morally ambiguous position. Gordon-Levitt’s career, marked by diverse roles and creative ventures, continues to captivate audiences and solidify his position as a dynamic talent in the entertainment industry.