Jordan Peele Reveals First Eerie Look At His New Horror Movie

Jordan Peele has a new movie. The poster is not what anyone expected to see.

By Faith McKay | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Jordan Peele has introduced the most news we’ve gotten so far about the Untitled Jordan Peele Horror Event coming in 2022 and he introduced it with only a single emoji. It’s going to be terrifying! It’s going to be groundbreaking! Our expectations have been well set by Peele’s previous work with movies like Get Out and Us. If he came out and told us what this new project is going to be about, it would be clouded with our previous experiences from his work. With that in mind, he decided to release a poster for the new project that would take a different route. A route that invites conversation, questions, and no answers.

Did you want to know the title for this previously untitled Jordan Peele project? Nope. Check it out.

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We are getting this poster and the title from Jordan Peele one full year before release. He introduced it on social media with nothing more than a cloud emoji. Nope. Is there a more perfect title for a horror movie? Nope. Across the top, it says, “A new terror from…” as if to assure us that, yes, that title is funny, and the art is fabulous and strange and may make you laugh, but we promise you, this is going to be scary. And doesn’t that make the strangeness of the art here even better? How are the clouds going to take over our nightmares? What in the world is going to happen with that string of colorful triangle flags?

Okay. What can we learn? What is this Nope poster telling us? Is Jordan Peele communicating big secrets via the clouds to his fans? We can see that the sky is full of other dark clouds, but one dark cloud hovers over a bright and colorfully lit town in the night. The string of brightly colored flags is trailing down from the center of the dark cloud. So there’s a dark cloud hanging over this town? And the flags mean…. ?

Realistically they mean, “Hey, come watch this Jordan Peele horror movie”, to which his fans say, “Yes, please.”

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Isn’t it just wonderful how the poster has the stars up at the top? The details of adding in a tree in the field in the foreground? It’s like the artist responsible for the poster thought, “Hey. Let’s let some superfans out there try to create meaning from these visually pleasing side details.” And you bet that people are working on trying to do that right now, despite the fact that part of the beauty of Jordan Peele’s horror work so far is that audiences go in thinking they might know what to expect, and coming away shook. From Jordan Peele’s previous horror work, audiences know that even if he revealed the plot, no one would know what to expect until they saw it. What a rare storytelling gift that is.

So what do we know now? We know that it’s a good thing Nope is releasing in July, at least for those of us in the northern hemisphere, because there will likely be few clouds in the sky at that time and we might all be a little tense around clouds after we see this one. We know that Jordan Peele is going to have a new movie out on July 22, 2022. That he would like for us to watch that movie in IMAX since parts were filmed with IMAX cameras. And that the movie is going to star Daniel Kaluuya, who many may recognize from Get Out and from his role in Black Panther. It will also star Keke Palmer, from Hustlers and the Scream tv series, and Steven Yeun who played Glenn on The Walking Dead. Is that enough information to make us watch this movie? Yep.