Jonathan Majors Bodycam Footage In Trial Causes Intense Reaction From Accuser

By Britta DeVore | Published

Now, almost a full week into Jonathan Majors’ domestic violence trial, Deadline reports that Thursday was an emotionally painful one for the actor’s ex-girlfriend, Grace Jabbari.

Jabbari is the primary accuser in the case against Majors and, after a piece of police body-camera footage was shown from a 911 call last March, the plaintiff broke down into tears, leaving the courtroom of Judge Michael Gaffey.

Upon her return, Jabbari asked the Judge if she had to stay while the scene rolled out for everyone in the courtroom to watch – to which he said, “Yes.”

Video Footage From Earlier In Night

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In the video footage, provided by Jonathan Majors’ legal defense team, those in the courtroom saw a semi-clothed Jabbari in the Chelsea apartment that belongs to Majors.

While no specifics were given as to what was exactly shown on the NYPD recording, it was played to clash with the prosecution’s case and raise suspicion about Jabbari’s claims.

The moments on the tape were caught earlier in the evening just before Majors and Jabbari would go out for the night during which Jabbari claims her ex-boyfriend physically assaulted her.

Events In Question

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Despite being on different sides of the aisle when it comes to their theories on what truly happened in the back of a cab all those months ago, both the defense and prosecution agree that the incident was sparked by a set of texts appearing on Jonathan Majors’ phone.

What happened after that depends on who you ask, with the defense team claiming that, when Jabbari attempted to pull the phone out of her then-boyfriend’s hands, he physically assaulted her.

According to Jabbari, what she saw on the screen indicated that Majors had been cheating on her and she was trying to get a closer look.

Felt Like Hit A Bus

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This week, Jabbari has seen a lot of time on the stand, standing by her claims that Jonathan Majors assaulted her on the night back in the spring.

She admitted that, at first, it seemed as though the alleged injuries she sustained weren’t bad but by the next morning she said that she “felt like I got hit by a bus.”

Both the defense and prosecution could use these remarks to better their cases, so it’s still to be seen how those words may affect the turnout of the trial.

Returning To Court

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Jabbari is expected to return to court today (Friday), once again taking the stand against her ex-boyfriend and laying out her allegations of abuse against him.

Although he’s appeared in the courtroom every day this week, Jonathan Majors has stayed quiet throughout the entire process but may be put on the stand to testify in his defense.

Abuse Allegations

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The abuse allegations brought up against Jonathan Majors during the spring have taken a hefty toll on the rising actor’s life and career. Shortly after Jabbari’s claims were released, Majors was dropped by his representation, leaving a pox mark on him in Hollywood. While the actor has continued to stand by his innocence, sources close to Deadline recently revealed that a handful of other accusers are out there and prepared to go to bat for Jabbari.

Jonathan Majors Fate

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With the fate of Jonathan Majors’ life and career up in the air, it will be up to the court to see how everything pans out. One other thing that remains to be seen is how Marvel will move forward with the actor as he was set to appear in the next batch of MCU films as the big bad – Kang the Conqueror.

Whether the studio will pivot or continue with its main villain is also likely hinging on this court case.