Johnny Depp And Amber Heard To Reunite On Screen?

By Jessica Goudreault | Published

Johnny Depp Amber Heard verdict

After the ridiculous drama between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s trial last year, there are talks that they could reunite on the big screen. Alice Cooper, a friend and fellow bandmate of Johnny Depp’s joked that the two should star in a movie together, according to Deadline. The rock legend thinks it would be a hit if the former lovers starred in a remake of The War of the Roses.

To help give some context, The War of the Roses is a 1989 film starring Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner. They are a married couple who are getting divorced, but when Kathleen Turner tries to take everything from her husband, they end up in an intense battle trying to force one another out of the house. Danny DeVito (who directed the film) stars as Michael Douglas’s lawyer and personal friend.

Alice Cooper says that Johnny Depp and Amber Heard should star in a remake of War of the Roses together.

Alice Cooper thinks it would be a hilarious hit if Johnny Depp and Amber Heard remade the classic film. He also suggests that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt (another famously divorced couple) should play the lawyers. While Johnny Depp might be up for something fun like that, it’s unlikely that Amber Heard would find any humor in it.

The actress attempted to sue Johnny Depp by claiming that he was abusive in their relationship, but she ended up losing the defamation lawsuit. If you did not tune in to the sensational trial in 2022, then you can watch the in-depth Netflix mini-series Depp V Heard that is currently trending. It follows the entire trial from start to finish, showing the side-by-side testimonies of both actors.

The in-depth Netflix mini-series Depp V Heard that is currently trending

If you’re like Alice Cooper, then you don’t have to tune in at all. The guitarist has said that he never watched the trial or even talked about it with Johnny Depp while they were on tour together.

Alice Cooper was so confident that Johnny Depp would win the case against Amber Heard that he didn’t feel the need to watch the public trial. He knew that his bandmate had exes who were testifying on his behalf, which was a clear indication to him that Johnny Depp was innocent and would win the trial.

Kathleen Turner and Michael Douglas in War of the Roses

While Alice Cooper and Johnny Depp were touring together with their band Hollywood Vampires, they didn’t talk about the trial. If someone brought up Amber Heard, then the Pirates of the Caribbean actor would simply acknowledge it and move on, according to Cooper. Regardless of the trial, he just wanted to play guitar with his band.

The Hollywood Vampires just recently completed their tour, so this could give Johnny Depp some free time to return to his acting career. Though we doubt he will star in a remake of The War of the Roses with his ex-wife Amber Heard, we hope to see him in some upcoming films.

Meanwhile, Amber Heard’s latest film Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is expected to hit theaters on December 20, 2023. There were rumors that she was cut from the film after the infamous court trial, but she will remain in the franchise as Mera, at least for now.