John Travolta Reveals The Movie He Loved Making Best, And It’s An Overlooked Classic

By Jacqueline Lindenberg | 3 months ago

john travolta

John Travolta is a name that most people know. Travolta has starred in many famous films, such as the classics, Grease, Saturday Night Fever, and Pulp Fiction. People grew up with the catchy songs from the musical, Grease, and the disco dance moves from Saturday Night Fever. It was made very clear that Travolta has a talent for acting, singing, dancing, and an overall passion for performing. However, Travolta’s favorite film to make isn’t from any listed above. The famed actor recently stated that his favorite film that he loved making the best was the overlooked classic 1980 film, Urban Cowboy. 

In a recent Instagram post, John Travolta posted a Throwback Tuesday photo. The picture was of Travolta himself dressed as his character, Bud, from the movie, Urban Cowboy. The actor stated in a caption on the post that Urban Cowboy was, “…my favorite experience on a film.” In the photo, Travolta is wearing a cowboy hat and has a slightly scruffy beard. 

John Travolta played a character named Bud, who moves to the bustling city of Houston, Texas. He discovered and began frequenting a bar called Gilley’s. Travolta meets Sissy Davis, played by Debra Winger. The two fall in love and get married. However, while Travolta’s character was more traditional and Winger’s character more progressive, their relationship struggled to stay alive. But just like any classic Hollywood film, love prevailed in the end. While the characters were fun to watch, one of the most famous aspects of the film wasn’t just one of the talented actors, but actually a mechanical bull.

One interesting aspect about the origins of the John Travolta film was that the movie was actually based on a true story. According to Looper, the film’s plot was derived from a real article published in Esquire Magazine back in 1978 titled, The Ballad Of The Urban Cowboy: America’s Search For True Grit. The article talks about Dew Westbrook and Betty Helmer. The two of them were real customers at Gilley’s and formed a relationship that gave inspiration to the love story depicted in the film. Although the Hollywood movie was based on his life, Westbrook has yet to see the full length of the film. He told Texas Monthly,  “I’ve seen bits and pieces of it. Travolta did good. I think he did a good job from what I’ve seen.”

john travolta urban cowboy

Another fun fact about the film was that the dancing performed by John Travolta was choreographed by Ghost star, Patrick Swayze. But we all know that Swayze has got the dance moves from the classic ’80s movie, Dirty Dancing. According to Wide Open Country, the fashion in the movie was quite prominent. After the release of the film, sales of cowboy boots and country Western shirts went up. The fashion worn by the characters in the film helped make viewers feel like they were actually in a Texas honky-tonk bar. Some clothing that was worn were belt buckles, cowboy boots, and as seen in Travolta’s Instagram post, the cowboy hat. 

John Travolta has starred in a number of films, from classics to lesser known movies. Filled with great country music, a superb cast, and unique fashion, Urban Cowboy is one of those films that need to be seen at least once in a person’s lifetime. Travolta has expressed his love for the film and how it was an experience that he will not soon forget.