See John Cena With His Fantastically Bizarre Sidekick In Peacemaker

Check out the latest Peacemaker image which has John Cena posing with his hilarious sidekick. It's such a perfect choice for the character

By Doug Norrie | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Having taken one trip already with John Cena’s Peacemaker in last summer’s The Suicide Squad, we know that the dude is definitely an odd bird. A child in a hulking mass of a body, Peacemaker’s sensibilities are wrapped up in warped ideas around liberty and justice. Namely: killing anything in sight to preserve freedom is fine from his perspective. Again, he’s basically a big baby with a pea for a brain and boulders for arms. In the new series, we are set to explore even more of his background and get a look at what is important in his life. One of the main “characters” is going to be his sidekick, a perfectly placed pet bald eagle. 

In preparation for the Peacemaker series in a couple of weeks, John Cena and company have been in heavy promotion mode for the show. Along with director James Gunn, the two have given us more than a few looks at what this story is going to offer, and frankly, it looks hilariously unhinged. A big aspect is Peacemaker’s juvenile attitudes toward basically everything, but also his love of freedom which is exemplified in his pet eagle, aptly named Eagly. Of course, others in the show have no problem pointing out how silly this name is, making fun of Peacemaker for the lack of originality. But the latter doesn’t care. Check out a picture James Gunn shared of John Cena and Eagly posing following a bloody fight. 

Peacemaker is set to explore the character’s timeline prior to the events of The Suicide Squad. It will pick up with John Cena being recruited to the Amanda Waller-led task force and him beginning to complete missions with the group. From early trailers, the general tone of the show is completely tongue-in-cheek, hilarious at times thanks to the aloof pseudo-masculinity Cena brings to the part. While the character is a soldier through and through, a total killing machine, he’s really just a 12-year-old at heart, unable to comprehend most of the world around him on an adult level. That juxtaposition is what made the character so great to begin with and Cena pulls it off perfectly. 

Part of the story is also set to revolve around what exactly made Peacemaker the way he is. Considering he’s in some form of arrested development, the relationship with his father is central to just how little self-confidence Peacemaker has and why it’s compensated for with muscles and faux ego. Again, John Cena is near-perfect casting in this respect, able to bring about a dolt-y softness. His father will be played by Robert Patrick, and by all accounts he’s going to be about as awful as it gets, leading to just why Peacemaker is the way he is. 

Along with John Cena, Robert Patrick, and Eagly, the rest of the cast mostly consists of the team Peacemaker is set to work with. Steve Agee and Jennifer Holland will reprise their The Suicide Squad roles of John Economos and Emilia Harcourt respectively. Danielle Brooks and Chukwudi Iwuji are in the mix as well, helping to form the crack team that sees Peacemaker as basically a total joke a man who is also really good at killing enemies. There will also be Freddie Stroma as Vigilante, a crimefighter of his own who appears to have some of the same IQ issues as Peacemaker. They look like they make the perfect pairing.