See John Cena In First Look At His Peacemaker Team

Check out John Cena as Peacemaker surrounded by his crack crew in one of the of the first on-set images from the upcoming series.

By Doug Norrie | Updated

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John Cena certainly made a splash entering the DC Extended Universe this summer as Peacemaker in the Suicide Squad. He was one of the highlights of the movie, from the comedic timing to the loose moral code wrapped up patriotism, it really was a treat all around for the character and the actor. And it’s one of the reasons we are set to get even more of this guy in short order. With a series on the way, we got (another) first look at John Cena as Peacemaker, this time with some members of the show’s team. 

On the set of Peacemaker, the official account for the show posted the core group of John Cena’s team seated around a big table. What’s hilarious about the contrast in this pic is that John Cena is wearing the full Peacemaker get up with everyone else in plain clothes. While it could look like a production meeting, it is more likely an actually shot because Cena’s character is so aloof and moronic that it wouldn’t strike him as funny to look like this with everyone else just wearing regular outfits. Check it out:

Pictured with John Cena are a few folks you will recognize from The Suicide Squad. From left to right we get Steve Agee who plays John Economos, one of the right-hand men to Amanda Waller. Then there is Jennifer Holland as Emilia Hartcourt, another of Waller’s underlings. Newcomer to the franchise Danielle Brooks will play Leota Adebayo, a character who apparently will challenge Peacemaker’s core (and very flawed) sensibilities. And finally, there is Freddie Stroma as Adrian Chase who will have some superpowers of his own in this one. His alter ego is Vigilante. As Peacemaker says, this group is “elite” mostly because they are with him. 

Peacemaker is being helmed by James Gunn who also deftly and bloodily brought The Suicide Squad back into relevance with his rebooted movie over the summer. It had many of the comedic undertones and devil-may-care attitude towards life and death that the original David Ayers’ version lacked. John Cena was at the center of this, in a constant push-and-pull with Idris Elba’s Bloodsport. The two criminals had decidedly different world views which made for fantastic interplay on screen, right down to the very end. 

This next series is set to explore other missions for John Cena’s Peacemaker as well as look back at some of the character’s origins. There are reasons a dude would become as psychotically patriotic as John Cena appears here and some of that stems from the character’s relationship with his father. The latter will be played by Robert Patrick. There are eight planned episodes for the limited series and it is set to hit HBO Max sometime early in 2022. 

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John Cena is coming off of this summer’s Vacation Friends as well that sees him explore the comedic side of his repertoire he started showing off in Trainwreck and continued with it in Peacemaker. Vacation Friends already has a sequel in the works. Other movies coming up for Cena include Argylle and the Janson Directive.