John Boyega Reveals Jamie Foxx Medical Emergency Status

John Boyega updated the public that Jamie Foxx is doing well and recovering from his hospitalization.

By Sckylar Gibby-Brown | Updated

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Jamie Foxx, the acclaimed actor known for his roles in movies like Ray and Collateral, is recovering well after a medical complication that led to his hospitalization earlier this year. While his medical condition remains a mystery to the public, the actor’s co-star in Netflix’s They Cloned Tyrone, John Boyega, says that he was able to speak to Foxx and give him well wishes, according to Variety

The news of Jamie Foxx‘s medical situation was initially revealed by his daughter, Corrine Foxx, through an Instagram post on April 12. She expressed gratitude for the quick action and excellent care that contributed to her father’s speedy recovery, though she did not disclose the health concern that the actor is dealing with.

John Boyega also didn’t update the public on the exact details but only said he was doing well.

While the exact nature of the medical complication remains undisclosed, reports suggest that it was a serious condition, prompting visits from concerned family members. Despite the severity, Jamie Foxx’s daughter assured fans that he is on the path to recovery and has been out of the hospital for several weeks.

Meanwhile, John Boyega says that he requested the actor take his time in recovery before coming back out to the public. Datari Turner, the co-producer of They Cloned Tyrone, also shared positive news about Jamie Foxx’s health.

He confirmed that Foxx is in excellent spirits and shape, as relayed by conversations with the actor held by the film’s director, Juel Taylor, and co-star John Boyega. Turner expressed confidence that Foxx will be back on the screen and ready to resume work in the near future.

John Boyega, Teyonah Paris, and Jamie Foxx in They Cloned Tyrone

Jamie Foxx’s absence from the press tour alongside John Boyega and the rest of the cast of They Cloned Tyrone has been notable, but his co-stars and production team have assured fans that he is making a steady recovery. The film is coming closer to its release date and will be able to start streaming on July 14.

In addition to missing out on the press tour with John Boyega for They Cloned Tyrone, Jamie Foxx’s medical emergency has also impacted other aspects of his career. At the time of the incident, he was filming the Netflix action comedy Back in Action with Cameron Diaz.

The movie was able to continue production with the use of stunt and body doubles stepping in during Foxx’s absence. Additionally, Foxx was replaced by Nick Cannon as the host of the game show Beat Shazam.

Despite these temporary adjustments, Jamie Foxx’s presence is greatly missed, and fans eagerly await his return to the screen. In a previous update, Foxx’s daughter, Corrine, shared that he had been recuperating and even engaging in activities like playing pickleball.

John Boyega and the Foxx family expressed gratitude for the support and prayers they have received and promised an exciting work announcement in the near future.

As Foxx continues to recover, he remains involved in various upcoming projects, with a total of eight features in progress listed on his IMDb. Apart from They Cloned Tyrone with John Boyega and Back in Action with Cameron Diaz, Foxx will appear in several other films, including Tin Soldier, Geechee, Groove Tails, Day Shift 2, God Is a Bullet, and The Burial