Jamie Foxx Skips Opening Of His New Movie With Health Still A Major Issue

Jamie Foxx didn't attend the red carpet premiere for his film, They Cloned Tyrone, due to his ongoing health issues.

By Zack Zagranis | Updated

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Upcoming Netflix comedy, They Cloned Tyrone just celebrated its premiere with one glaring omission: no Jaime Foxx. Deadline reports the actor was forced to skip the red carpet due to a “medical complication” he suffered back in April of this year, but that didn’t stop the 55-year-old’s co-stars from giving him a shout-out at the event. “We just wish him all the best,” said Tyrone‘s John Boyega.

The Star Wars actor went on to tell reporters that he has been calling Foxx and will continue to do so until the star answers his phone. “I’ just gonna keep calling,” said Boyega in regard to his sick co-star. “He better pick up. Come on, Jamie!”

Though he was most likely exaggerating about Jamie Foxx not picking up, Boyega’s willingness to joke around about his co-star makes Foxx’s situation seem less dire.

Dear White People star Teyonah Parris also addressed her missing co-star at the premiere. The actress wished Jamie “all the recovery and healing,” and called Foxx “amazing” and a generous actor and human being. Parris gushed about Foxx and Boyega, calling herself lucky for getting to work with two “dope men of color,” on the set of Tyrone.

Not much is known about Jamie Foxx’s “medical complication” from a couple of months ago. The star’s daughter Corinne Foxx initially shared the cryptic message, “We wanted to share that my father, Jamie Foxx, experienced a medical complication yesterday,” on social media.

They Cloned Tyrone

But she has declined to elaborate in the weeks since her original post. The few times Corinne has addressed her father’s mysterious illness, it’s been to debunk reports that others have made about the severity of Foxx’s condition.

One publication reported in May that Jamie Foxx’s family was “hoping for the best—but preparing for the worst.” The star’s daughter refuted claims that her father was on his deathbed shortly after. Corinne Foxx accused the media of running wild and claimed that as of May 12, her father had been recuperating at home “for weeks,” and even reported that he was up and playing pickleball.

Several of Jamie Foxx’s friends and fellow actors have also expressed that the star’s health is improving. Bad Boys star Martin Lawrence told reporters that Foxx was “doing better” when asked about his ailing acquaintance.

Ride Along star Kevin Hart echoed Lawrence’s statement on the Impaulsive podcast, saying that not only was Foxx recuperating but that the actor could feel “everybody’s prayers, everybody’s love, energy and all that stuff.”

Despite such high-profile well-wishers, Jamie Foxx has never considered himself that big of a deal. The star recently mentioned in an interview that he doesn’t think of himself as “famous” and called himself a “guy” that fans feel a “familiarity to, not, really a celebrity.” The millions of fans pulling for Foxx to make a speedy and complete recovery might beg to disagree.

They Cloned Tyrone will make its Netflix debut on July 21. The movie stars Jamie Foxx, John Boyega, and Teyonah Parris, as well as Kiefer Sutherland and Foxx’s In Living Color co-star David Alan Grier. The plot revolves around Foxx, Boyega, and Parris discovering an underground laboratory where Black people are being cloned in an effort to keep the African American community docile.