Jeremy Renner Reveals Countless Therapies After Snow Plow Accident

By TeeJay Small | Published

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According to a write-up in Variety, Jeremy Renner has been making the most of his recovery in recent months by exploring multiple forms of therapy.

Jeremy Renner famously injured himself back in January of this year while attempting to plow out his entire Nevada neighborhood after a historic and uncharacteristic storm totaling over 16-19 inches of snow.

Jeremy Renner Was Badly Injured

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After sustaining life-threatening injuries, it seemed for a time that Renner would never walk again.

But his recovery efforts, including physical therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and a number of complex medical procedures, have allowed the actor to make humungous strides in his physical and mental health.

Jeremy Renner was injured after a safety brake failure on his massive Pistenbully Snowcat plow gave way, pinning him between the plow and a neighbor’s car which Renner had been helping to dig out of the snow.

Community Leader In Lake Tahoe

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The Avengers actor was known as a community leader within his Lake Tahoe neighborhood, often assisting his friends and neighbors with neighborhood maintenance and upkeep.

Due to the nature of the injury and the harsh weather conditions, Renner was airlifted to the nearest hospital with life-threatening injuries, leaving the Hawkeye actor to pen a note to his loved ones on the way to the operating table in case he didn’t make it.

Miracle Recovery

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Miraculously, doctors were able to stitch Jeremy Renner up and prepare him for rapid physical therapy trials, ensuring the actor would one-day walk again.

Now over 10 months later, Renner has continued to share updates on his health and wellness through his social media accounts such as Instagram, where the performer touts a following of more than 21 million users.

Physical And Mental Therapy

According to his most recent Instagram post, he has undergone trials of every kind of therapy, physical, mental, and otherwise, in order to regain his strength and move on from the accident.

During his initial admittance to the hospital, Jeremy Renner had suffered 14 breaks across 8 of his ribs, as well as broken bones spanning the right knee, ankle, clavicle, and shoulder, and left ankle and leg tibia.

Jeremy Renner Treatments

Since his recovery journey began, the star has undergone extensive stem cell treatment, red light and IR therapy, peptide injections, cold plunge baths to reduce swelling, and a host of other wellness regiments.

In an awareness-raising caption on his latest social media post, Renner has informed his followers of the greatest support to his ongoing health, his regularly scheduled therapy appointments which the star credits as sharpening his mind and willpower to continue pushing onward.

Successful Recovery During Strikes

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While the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strikes have prevented nearly all Hollywood productions from filming new content through a bulk of this year, Jeremy Renner has been slowly regaining his ability to walk, making the timing of the labor movement something of a blessing in disguise for the Hawkeye actor.

While Renner likely won’t be performing back-flips and high-wire spin-kicks any time soon, the year-long recovery period has proven to be highly successful, bringing the performer closer to performing with the Avengers again with each passing day.