Jeopardy! Is Inviting A Legendary Comedian To Join The Show

Soon, that reply caught the attention of the official Jeopardy Twitter account, and now, the comedian has been invited to join the show.

By James Brizuela | Published

This article is more than 2 years old


A Navy professor by the name of Sam Buttrey recently won the Professors’ Tournament on Jeopardy. Buttrey would win more than the $100,000 prize money he was awarded for beating out his competitors. He also won a fanbase. Audiences on Twitter and around the world noticed the uncanny resemblance between Buttrey and a legendary comedian, Mr. Steve Martin himself. Martin also took to Twitter to respond to the striking resemblance he has with the man. Soon, that reply caught the attention of the official Jeopardy Twitter account, and now, the comedian has been invited to join the show.

It all started with a tweet. In typical Steve Martin style, his tweet was about splitting the tournament money with his doppelganger.

Steve Martin’s simple yet hilarious tweet made mention that Buttrey and he would be splitting the Jeopardy prize money. It’s doubtful that Martin needs the money. Winning $100,000 is a great day, but to have someone like Steve Martin acknowledge your presence is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Buttrey is an associate professor of operations research in Monterey, California’s Naval Postgraduate School. Whether or not he uses social media, it is a strong possibility that the man’s colleagues and friends have made it known that Steve Martin indirectly reached out to him about his Jeopardy performance.

Since the Tweet has garnered much attention, Steve Martin has been invited to be a part of Jeopardy. The official Jeopardy Twitter account replied in the tweet seen below.

There is no telling at what capacity Steve Martin would be able to be part of the show, but having him as a guest host would be fantastic. That’s to say if that’s even a possibility after the drama that has followed Jeopardy as the show is attempting to replace long-standing host, Alek Trebek. Martin has never been a part of the Celebrity Week that the show has put on, so it is doubtful that he would want to go that route.

Steve Martin is an accomplished comedian, playwright, actor, musician, novelist, and art collector. Adding Jeopardy host to that growing resume would likely interest the comedian more than a run at trying to show off his general knowledge smarts. That’s not to say that Martin isn’t a smart guy, but Jeopardy contestants are in a world of their own when it comes to knowing things that the general public does not. It would be great to see how Martin would add a comedy spin to the show as a contestant.

So far, Buttrey has only commented about what’s next for him in regards to winning and now heading to the Champions Tournament in Jeopardy. Buttrey knows the competition is stiff and he wants to take on some of the best in his next appearance. He had this to say about furthering himself in the competition: “I know there are some strong players, but I want to go up against them. I would like to play against Matt Amodio, he’s a strong player, and I’d like to see how I can do.” Amodio won 38 straight games of Jeopardy and only sits behind Ken Jennings.

Hopefully, something can be worked out to land Steve Martin on Jeopardy. We would all like to see a category dedicated to banjo players.