See Jensen Ackles As Solid Snake

Check out what Jensen Ackles would look like as Solid Snake. Tell me this guy isn't the perfect casting for a Metal Gear movie

By Doug Norrie | Published

jensen ackles

Jensen Ackles has had quite the run on The Boys providing his best Captain America impression if Cap was a misogynistic narcissist with antiquated ideas about masculinity, power, and the way society works. Such is the case with his character of Soldier Boy who’s brought back a certain level of superhero that this Vought-led world probably wasn’t ready for. But could he have another soldier role in him? This one as iconic as any video game character out there? He definitely looks the part, that’s for sure and one fan was able to place Jensen Ackles in the role of Solid Snake while we are still dreaming about a Metal Gear movie at some point. It’s in the works, though they went a different direction with the lead character.

The newest fan art of Jensen Ackles was posted by BossLogic on Twitter, known for this kind of thing when it comes to fan-casting actors or actresses into different roles. In this one, we get Ackles as Solid Snake with all parts of the hallmark look. He’s got the flowing green bandana, a joint hanging from his mouth, and is giving the intimidating side-eye. The entire look seems to fit the character and it makes it pretty easy to picture him in this role. Check out Jensen Ackles as Solid Snake. It might be your only chance considering the way the proposed movie is actually shaping up.

Yes Jensen Ackles definitely looks the part of Solid Snake, and of course, the idea is born out of his work as Soldier Boy in The Boys. Ackles has been able to fully embody that character, making him something of the anti-Chris Evans from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s worked out wonderfully in terms of the show’s overall arc. But though he might look like he’d fit in real well as Solid Snake for a Metal Gear movie, we know that’s not going to be the case, or at least not how things are trending right now. That’s because Oscar Isaac has already been cast as the character in a planned adaptation of the popular and long-running video game franchise. That movie is in pre-production with no clear timeline on when it will actually start filming or hit theaters.

As for Jensen Ackles, well he’s plenty busy as it is. He’s already been working on the aforementioned The Boys with his character getting more and more play as the season’s gone on. And there are other projects in the works as well. He’s currently in post-production on The Winchesters, the planned prequel to his long-running and record-setting Supernatural. Ackles will narrate the story of John and Mary Winchester, the parents of Sam and Dean. 

And Jensen Ackles has also teased the possibility that he could be playing Batman for the DC Universe on The CW. That’s merely speculation at this point, though Ackles has let on that he has something in the works along those lines. We’ll have to wait and see on that. In the meantime, you can still dream of him as Solid Snake. At least he looks the part.