Jensen Ackles Wants To Make A Supernatural Revival Miniseries

It looks like Jensen Ackles wants to make a Supernatural revival miniseries and wants it to look a lot like another popular series.

By Doug Norrie | Published


It makes sense that Jensen Ackles would want to stay connected to the series that has helped define his career. The long-running, and record-breaking Supernatural was one of the true television surprises when it was all said and done, maintaining a consistency and longevity you don’t often see on the small screen. So why wouldn’t Jensen Ackles, even as he moves on to different projects, want to keep thinking about the show that got him there? He’s certainly doing that now with one prequel series on the way and a cool idea for a Supernatural revival as well.

While speaking with TV Guide (via Screenrant), Jensen Ackles talked about maybe putting together another story in the Supernatural franchise, this one an extension of the original series, though with a decidedly different bent. Apparently, Ackles was mini-floating the idea of a revival miniseries that would be something of a mashup between Supernatural and True Detective, bringing on a darker tone for the original franchise. The combination wasn’t chosen out of thin air either because there’s some precedent (or at least overlap) between the two series because of the parent company.

Jensen Ackles mentioned this combination of shows because he was throwing out the possibility of bringing this Supernatural revival to HBO Max, the current home of True Detective. If this were to happen (again, it’s just an idea), then we would likely see a much darker, and possibly creepier version of the Winchester brothers. For a show about the supernatural and the underworld, following all of those things that go bump in the night, why couldn’t we get a scarier version of the original show, one on a streamer that is much better equipped to bring some more mature ideas, themes, and effects.

And the other overlap between these two series is that The CW is owned, in part by Warner Media which also owns HBO and those properties. So there are certainly some production and ownership throughlines that could help make something like this possible. In the idea posted to TV Guide, Jensen Ackles put out there the idea of a 10-episode miniseries for the streamer that would focus on one case for the Winchesters to solve, something that would somewhat mirror the current structure of the True Detective seasons.

Whether Jensen Ackles is ever able to make this happen remains to be seen. As with all productions, it’s something of a long shot. But we do know that he’s returning to the world of Supernatural regardless with a prequel series, The Winchesters, recently picked up by The CW. It will follow the story of Dean and Sam’s parents, John and Mary, in the timelines before the original series. Ackles is on as a producer and though he won’t be on screen, will act as narrator for the show. And that’s not all for the actor who is also set to have a role in Season 3 of The Boys which is coming to Amazon this week. He’ll play Soldier Boy, one of the Supes, a take on Marvel’s Captain America.