Jennifer Lawrence Secretly In Thor 4?

Jennifer Lawrence won't make her debut as Susan Storm in Fantastic Four. It looks like she's going to be part of Thor: Love and Thunder

By Doug Norrie | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Jennifer Lawrence looks set to make a major splash in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With rumors swirling about her involvement in the next phases of this world, and some confirmation of Fantastic Four casting, there is just more and more news about how the role will take shape. Now it looks like the first chance we’ll get to see Lawrence in costume is in when the next Thor movie finally hits theaters

This latest rumor has Jennifer Lawrence making her Marvel Cinematic Universe debut in a post-credits scene for Thor: Love and Thunder. This is following the news over the weekend that Lawrence would be joining the superhero quartet as Susan Storm/ Invisible Woman when the Fantastic Four movie officially wraps into the next Marvel phase. Originally, it was thought that her first appearance on screen would come in that film. But the timing is getting a little bit funky around production for Fantastic Four and when she will officially don the suit. 

First off there’s this tweet from Deadline’s Justin Kroll: 

This obviously makes it clear that Fantastic Four is still quite a long way off, with production meetings basically just starting. That comes in contrast to the rumors that Jennifer Lawrence was going to Australia to begin filming scenes next month. How could that be happening if the movie was such a long way off? Well, the answer lies in having the actress appear in another Marvel production, this time as a potential teaser for the new role. Marvel has a long history with putting new characters tacked on at the end of established franchise films and this would line up perfectly with the Thor: Love and Thunder piece. 

jennifer lawrence

News is just beginning to trickle in for Jon Watts’ Fantastic Four which will be the first time we get this group in the actual Marvel Cinematic Universe timeline and structure. Jennifer Lawrence is one of the first confirmed pieces we’ve heard about. There have been other movie versions of the group in the past with Tim Story’s Fantastic Four and Rise of the Silver Surfer as well as Josh Trank’s 2015 version as well. All three were critical flops with the last one finishing at a particularly egregious 9% on Rotten Tomatoes

Jennifer Lawrence will follow Jessica Alba and Kate Mara who each played Susan Storm in the previous film iterations. While the casting of those flicks was always strong, the story continued to fall way short around the characters and their origin stories. The hope, obviously, is that Marvel is able to course-correct here and establish the group as viable parts of the universe moving forward. Adding Lawrence helps further that cause and she has plenty of action/ superhero work already. She handled the Mystique role well in the four X-Men movies and of course crushed Katniss in The Hunger Games. 

Will our first look at Jennifer Lawrence as The Invisible Woman come in Thor: Love and Thunder? Well, even that is a long way off. The film isn’t set to release until early next year in February 2022. But things are heating up on this front and we are likely going to round out the rest of the group’s casting news sooner than later.