Jennifer Lawrence To Star In Fantastic Four

If the latest rumors are true then it looks like Jennifer Lawrence will be playing Susan Storm/ Invisible Woman in Fantastic Four

By Doug Norrie | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

jennifer lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence has gotten into the superhero game before so it wouldn’t be completely new for her to don some spandex and fight off evildoers in some shape or form. Though if you heard she was headed into the Marvel Universe you’d probably think it was along with the X-Men contingent coming back into the fold sooner than later. After all, she’s had a role there before. But no, this latest news would have her take on a part in another famous super-powered group. That’s right, Lawrence could be coming to join the Fantastic Four. 

The rumor from The DisInsider, via The Daily Mail, has Jennifer Lawrence joining the cast of Jon Watts’s Fantastic Four as Susan Storm/ Invisible Woman. It’s unclear if this latest movie would be an origin story, or would take place sometime along the Fantastic Four’s timeline in which they’ve already come about their powers. In the comics, Storm has the ability, like her name implies, to turn invisible. She and the rest of the team came about this when they were exposed to cosmic rays while researching in space. 

This would take Jennifer Lawrence in a different direction than we’ve seen her in the comic book movie realm before. Previously, she’d been cast as Mystique in the four prequel X-Men movies: First Class, Days of Future Past, Apocalypse, and Dark Phoenix. While the second two films were largely forgettable, the first two were excellent. Though the franchise finished with a whimper, it was far from Jennifer Lawrence’s fault. She handled herself well on screen as the shape-shifting character. And the action background in previous films like The Hunger Games franchise proves she is more than up for this kind of role.  

Jon Watts is at the helm of this upcoming Fantastic Four movie after having taken the reins of the most recent Spider-Man films Homecoming and Far From Home. Both were massive critical and box office successes and there’s reason to have quite a bit of excitement about who he can do with the titular quartet. Previous versions of the Fantastic Four have been critical flops across the board, failing to capture any of what has made the group so iconic on the comic book pages. With the addition of Watts and the possible casting of an A+ talent like Jennifer Lawrence, the film has a real shot of doing the group justice. 

The Fantastic Four is still very much in the early planning/ pre-production phase with almost all of the casting decisions needing to be finalized. There have been plenty of other rumors around who could round out the cast so far, with nothing definitive quite yet. This Jennifer Lawrence rumor feels like the closest we’ve gotten to any real news about the cast. 

Whether Jennifer Lawrence takes on the Sue Storm role remains to be seen. I, for one, would love to see it and think she’d play really well in the part. As of now, the film is tentatively set for a 2023 release though even that is up in the air. Whatever happens, it will almost definitely be an improvement on the previous iterations of the group which fell almost completely flat.