See Jenna Ortega As The New Teen Titan Raven 

Jenna Ortega is the Teen Titan Raven in this fan art.

By Chris Snellgrove | Published

jenna ortega

Jenna Ortega’s career is really on fire now thanks to the success of the Netflix comedy Wednesday as well as the critical and commercial success of Scream 6. While horror fans have lovingly bestowed the title of “scream queen” on the young actor, other fans can’t help but wonder what it would be like if she acted in the superhero genre. In the following tweet, the artist Jaxson Derr decided to see what it would look like if Jenna Ortega played the fan-favorite Titans character Raven.

Honestly, if Jenna Ortega was going to bring any of the Titans to life, Raven is certainly the best choice because that superhero shares many of the same gothic sensibilities as Wednesday Addams. And in many portrayals of the Titans, the grumpy and dour personality of Raven has been contrasted with the bright and bubbly personality of the alien Starfire. This is the same kind of personality juxtaposition we saw on Wednesday between our title character and blonde roommate Enid, so it would be fun to see Ortega bring that character to life as part of the DCU.

Unfortunately, our chances of seeing a live-action Raven played by Jenna Ortega are very low right now. A different actor (Teagan Croft) already brought that character to life in the surprisingly-good Titans show on HBO Max, and that show was recently canceled because it presumably doesn’t match James Gunn’s vision for the DCU. If we do get some new live-action Titans down the line, it will likely be long after we are introduced to a new Batman and a new Superman in 2025.

Of course, hope springs eternal that we might still get such a show down the line, and Jenna Ortega could still play the part. Most fans who originally suggested casting the talented actor figured that her young age would help her play as a Teen Titan (after all, she’s currently playing a teen on Wednesday). But the most recent Titans show focused on these former sidekicks all grown up, and if there is a similar project in the future, Ortega would then be the perfect age for it.

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If and when Jenna Ortega does get offered the chance to be Raven, though, her decision may come down to just how busy her schedule is. Right now, she is one of the busiest actors in Hollywood: she has four major projects in post-production, and on top of that, she’ll soon be starring in a second season of Wednesday. She is also likely to star in the inevitable Scream 7, and there are constant rumors that she will star in the long-awaited Beetlejuice 2.

At this point, though, we have to say this artist has won us over. Not only do we like the idea of James Gunn bringing the Titans into the DCU, but Jenna Ortega would be the perfect big name to anchor the casting for such a film. Until then, if you really need some Titans-related entertainment, all you have to do is post how much better the Teen Titans Go cartoon was than what came before and then break out the popcorn.