A Jason Statham Mega Blockbuster Is Finally Getting A Sequel, Starts Filming This Month

A Jason Statham mega blockbuster is coming back with a sequel. Considering the success of the first movie, this isn't all that surprising

By Doug Norrie | Updated

Jason Statham in Wrath of Man

Jason Statham îs is mostly known for his ability to throw down on the big screen in live-action settings that are here on good old terra firma. But occasionally the dude has ventured off into different settings with one trip way down into the depths of the ocean to find a beast living there. And it looks like he is heading back sooner than later. According to KFTV (via CinemaBlend), The Meg 2 is currently moving ahead with production in a somewhat surprising return to this world. It looks like Jason Statham will be heading down into the ocean depths once again, still looking for the massive sharks. 

It isn’t quite known what the plot will be for The Meg 2, though it’s not all that hard to guess. The original story followed a group of deep-sea explorers and scientists as they investigated the mysteries of the Mariana Trench. While there, they break through an underwater seal that had supposedly been hiding and blocking a number of massive, and long-thought extinct creatures from human view. Some of them were Megalodon sharks, massive creatures who were thought to have gone extinct millions of years ago. 

But, of course, this Jason Statham movie presupposes that maybe they are still around, hiding in the infinite deep. The megalodon goes about a Jaws-like killing spree now that it has the entire ocean at its disposal. The original movie felt mostly tongue-in-cheek around its premise, especially considering the machinations it took to release these undersea monsters from their confinement. And it stands to reason The Meg 2 will follow a similar path. One thing the original movie set up was the idea that deep in the Mariana Trench there are all manners of mysteries and deadly creatures. This sequel will almost sure play on the same idea. 

For what it’s worth, there is some reason to see why Jason Statham and company would be gearing up for The Meg 2. The first flick was a solid box office success, scoring more than $530 million at the box office on its $150 (ish) million budget when it came out in 2018. It’s easy to see a sequel turning a tidy profit considering the star power of Statham and the overall plot of the flick. There’s a chance they really play up the underwater monsters aspect this time around, moving even beyond the terror of the titular Meg. 

As for Jason Statham, the dude is gearing up for another installment of a well-established franchise when he stars in The Expendables 4 next year. That movie is setting up to be the last for Sylvester Stallone with the proverbial mercenary torch passing to Statham to lead things from here on out. That franchise has been another hit for the actor, uniting all manner of action stars from the past into one big spectacle. And he’s also set up to work with Guy Ritchie once again. This time it will be in Operation Fortune: ruse de guerre which will be another action flick, this time around a group of spies and a Hollywood actor trying to take down a weapons dealer.