Jason Momoa To Join The Witcher?

Is Netflix working to get Jason Momoa into a role for The Witcher?

By Faith McKay | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Jason Momoa just looks like he should be hanging out with Henry Cavill on The Witcher. Many fans have made that connection and created fanart, putting the Aquaman start into the world. In the fall of 2020, rumors spread that Momoa could take a role on the upcoming spinoff series Netflix has in the works, but then the filming schedule for the show conflicted with his, and that rumor took a back seat.

Now, We Got This Covered is here to give fans hope. Their trusted sources say that Netflix is looking to bring Jason Momoa into The Witcher universe. At this time, season two of The Witcher just has finished filming. So, we won’t be seeing Momoa in that. However, Netflix is looking to cast the actor in either season three of the main series or for a role on the spinoff. They’re open to finding a way to work to bring Jason Momoa on board for what is proving to be one of Netflix’s hottest franchises. This news comes at the same time we recently learned that filming for the new spinoff series has been delayed. While that rescheduling for production has meant that star Jodie Turner-Smith has left the show, it could mean that Momoa’s schedule now allows him to join.

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At this time, Jason Momoa is filming Slumberland for Netflix. The movie is an adaptation of the Little Nemo comics and is a fantasy adventure story. There are rumors that filming for The Witcher spinoff series may start in May, but the changes in scheduling have left things unclear at the moment.

What we know about the spinoff series at the moment is that it will be called The Witcher: Blood Origin and that is will take place 1,200 years before Henry Cavill’s story. It will tell the story of the first witcher. While there have been some small reveals about the general idea behind the series, most of the plot has been kept under wraps, so it’s anyone’s guess what character Netflix could have in mind for Jason Momoa.

If We Got This Covered is right, Netflix is open to bringing the actor on in a variety of roles. They’re just interested in working with him further. The next natural question is whether Jason Momoa would be interested in signing on, but it sounds like we already know that answer so that as well. Back in the fall of 2020 when fanart was posted with Momoa next to Henry Cavill, Momoa posted it to his Instagram Stories. He then tagged Cavill and said, “What’s up, homie?”.

Assuming the actor isn’t just messing with us, this at least suggests he’s open to the idea. And he’s currently working with Netflix, so there’s an established relationship between him and the studio. On top of that, The Witcher just sounds like something Jason Momoa would be interested in based on his past projects. He was the star of a television series called Frontier and then See, both of which required him to have a beard, wear a big jacket, and carry heavy weapons around. There are plenty of these roles that could fit into The Witcher universe. It’s a natural fit.

Hopefully, we’ll be hearing more about a role for Jason Momoa in Netflix’s The Witcher universe soon.