James Gunn Surprises Fans With Peacemakers Season 2 Response

By Chris Snellgrove | Published

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James Gunn’s Peacemaker television series was a breath of fresh air in a crowded market of superhero media because it provided the perfect combination of high stakes and down-to-earth characters. After that breathless finale, fans have understandably been curious about the development status of season 2, especially since James Gunn is so busy creating a brand new DCU. Here’s some good news for fans of Peacemaker and his pet companion Eagly: James Gunn is continuing to work on Peacemaker’s season 2 despite being so busy with major projects like Superman: Legacy.

James Gunn Writing Season 2

If you were hoping for a bigger announcement or maybe something a bit more definitive from the quirky director, then you’re out of luck. We only know this small tidbit of information because a fan went on Threads and asked James Gunn what the status was for Peacemaker. Surprisingly, Gunn responded by telling the fan, “I’m about to go upstairs and continue writing season 2.”

A Pleasant Surprise

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Why have fans treated James Gunn’s response as such a pleasant surprise? On the most basic level, it’s reassuring to know that Gunn has found time to continue working on Peacemaker’s season 2 because he couldn’t do any writing for the show whatsoever during the WGA strike. That strike has since been resolved, but fans were understandably curious if James Gunn had the time to work on more Peacemaker simply because he has to wear so many hats for the DCU.

James Gunn Busy At DC

Superman: Legacy

For example, he is now the co-chairman and co-CEO of DC Studios, and the fact that Gunn is now DC’s equivalent to Marvel’s Kevin Feige might have precluded him from working on season 2. Additionally, Gunn is taking a very hands-on approach to bringing the DCU to life. He will be personally directing the DCU premiere film Superman: Legacy, and many fans had assumed that he was spending so much time working on that big-budget tentpole movie to focus much effort on his oddball Peacemaker television show.

Creature Commandos

Another reason some fans assumed that James Gunn might have stalled out on working on Peacemaker season 2 is that he is developing another TV show, one that might be even crazier than the last. He’s the creator, writer, and executive producer of the upcoming DC animated series Creature Commandos, and the titular group is an unlikely team of heroes assembled by Amanda Waller.

Think of it like the Suicide Squad but with a twist: familiar everyman Rick Flagg is going to be leading monsters (including a robot, a weasel, and two different Frankensteins) into battle rather than the usual collection of supervillains on a short leash.

Gunn Still Finds Time For Peacemaker

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Creature Commandos sounds adorably weird, and if James Gunn’s adult animated production is even half as good as the Harley Quinn cartoon, it’s sure to be a hit. However, we must admit that we’re relieved to discover that Gunn’s work on both Superman: Legacy and Creature Commandos hasn’t kept him from working on Peacemaker season 2. And after that hilarious Justice League cameo in the first season finale, we can’t help but wonder how long it will be before John Cena’s Peacemaker meets David Corenswet’s Superman, fully integrating Peacemaker into the DCU.